Today's Parenting Panic Hustle Moment

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Okay, every parent has definitely experienced this before:

That moment in the day where it would be helpful if you could split yourself into two so that you could get a situation under control. I'm gonna call it the Parenting Panic Hustle Moment.

Today's went a little like this:

Maya was sleeping peacefully in her room. 
I took Joaquin up to my room to take a nap with him.
Maya wakes up.
I tell Joaquin to stay in my room while I go to settle Maya back to sleep.
While I am settling her back to sleep, Joaquin is running back and forth from my room to me and Maya, alternating back and forth from obeying me and not obeying me.
I continue to rock Maya.
I hear from my room, "Momma...Mommaaa...MOMMAAAAAA..."
I shush Joaquin from Maya's room.
I hear Joaquin's feet scamper across my bedroom floor, and then see him appear before me -- WITH HIS HANDS COVERED IN BLOOD. 
I actually swear.
Oh, it's only the worst nosebleed I have ever seen him have. Yes, due to EXCESSIVE NOSE PICKING.
I send him to the bathroom. 
I (almost) throw Maya into her crib, grab some baby wipes and start cleaning up the blood that I had anticipated to see across the BEIGE carpet in our hallway.
A short moment later, I go and see Joaquin in the bathroom, hovered over the toilet, with a toilet bowl full of blood, like so:

I had lots of nosebleeds when I was small (no, not because of nose picking), and so I knew to pinch just below the bridge of his nose to try to get this river of blood to halt. 
Joaquin screams that I am hurting him.
Okay, maybe I am pinching too hard. I lessen my grip.
He still insists I am pinching too hard.
I say, "Fine!! You just stand there."
I leave him hovering the toilet bowl again, and go back to me spot cleaning the hallway carpet and go to see the damage in my bedroom.
Oh, it's not so bad. Just a few drops.
Joaquin is crying.
And I forgot to mention that Maya has been crying HARD the entire time. Yes, since I put her down.
I return to Joaquin and ask him if he is ready to let me help him. 
He says through tears, "I can't hold my body up anymore!" His hands have been out to the side 'cause he didn't want to touch anything and get blood on it. His torso has been tilted at a 45 degree angle...his baby abs just can't do it anymore.
I wipe his hands and then show him that he can prop his body up by placing his hands on the toilet seat (one can always squeeze an instructional moment).
Note: Maya is still crying.
I see that he has a huge stringy blood clot hanging from his nose, so I ask him to blow his nose into the tissue I am holding up.
The nosebleed stops.
I proceed to clean Joaquin up. I remove his shirt. I get him to wash his hands--he was surprised how easily it came off (Look! Clean!). I wash his shirt by hand.
I finally go and pick up the devastated Maya, who, at this point feels entirely neglected and we all fall into bed to recover from today's parenting panic hustle moment.

Please tell me this happens to you too?

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  1. Oh my goodness!
    My heart was racing as
    I read this. This particular thing hasn't happened to me, but trying to be there for them both at the same time has. Oh the joys & stress of parenting.


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