Longggg dayyy

Friday, January 11, 2013

12:07 am. After a 12 hour day at work, I came home and painted a portion of my kitchen to prepare for the arrival of our new fridge (our old fridge is breathing its last breaths). I kinda resemble a zombie here.

Oh and the sunglasses were used in place of the the goggles I couldn't find for when I was sanding the surface. Safety first!

Vacuum, whine, whine

Sunday, January 06, 2013

One of my new year's resolutions is to be more detailed around the house. There are always a small toy hanging out in the corner, a dust bunny slowly gaining weight in another, untidy piles growing on out bedroom dresser...all attended to for a couple of weeks.

I want this to stop.

I want my house to be the kind of house where no matter when someone announces they are coming over my house is ready. I don't need to delay them several hours so that I have time to straighten everything out from scratch so my guests aren't disgusted by the state of my home.

I realize this may be a bit ambitious since I AM the mother of two small children but I know that I could do better.

My other problem is that I absolutely hate housework. I could cook for eight hours straight for two days in a row...laundry I don't mind either. But vacuuming, tidying, dusting, organizing... HATE IT.

I really wish I wasn't so grumpy about it. Some of you might like it...tell me, what do you like about all that I hate so that I can change my perspective an maybe like it a little more than the pure hate I have for it now.