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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today I took on my first home improvement project.
My garage needed a facelift. Should be fairly simple, right? After all, it's just paint.

My sister offered to help me out, which I gladly accepted. The thought of me taking this one on while my two children ran circles around me is always enough to make my palms sweat. So, we started this morning at 10:30, chip, chip, chipping the paint away; the prep work before the fun of painting gets started.

The interesting thing about chipping paint away is finding out what is underneath. We found an ORANGE layer, and even a green layer. But the craziest thing is the wood grain "sticker" layer that we suppose was the original look of the garage. Yes. A metal garage door that had a HUGE sticker on it to make it look like wood. 

After all, it was the seventies.

I took the above picture because it was getting depressing. We had been chipping for over two hours and I felt like that we weren't making much headway, so I wanted a photo to show myself that after another hour, we did make some progress. I did have enough sense to give up on the idea of painting today. There was too much prep work still yet to be done. And I knew that if we didn't spend the time to prepare the surface properly, we shouldn't bother at all. 

Then, my dad came home. (He was at choir rehearsal). 
The three of us really made some real progress. Especially when my dad got the idea to get his butane torch out to heat the left over "sticker" parts – which worked, but a little scary. (My dad loves to find ways to work this torch into any project). 

Another couple of hours, we arrived at this:

So, hopefully I get to paint tomorrow. I will be, however, all by myself with my kids, so if I don't get much done, I will have to accept this. I hope to post the final product soon – I hope!

While this is just painting the garage, I really procrastinated on it 'cause I am frankly a little bit scared of home improvement projects. Both my husband and I came from families who were renters so we didn't come pre-loaded with home improvement and renovation knowledge. It is extremely foreign to me. But I am telling myself this:
  1. I can learn this too. 
  2. I have friends and family who I can ask for advice. 
  3. Just get it done.
I have learned everything at work from zero. I never cooked before I got married. So what if I had never built anything before I owned a house? This cannot be impossible. I look forward to the day that I am extremely comfortable with doing this kind of thing (and much, much more complex things) in the near future!

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  1. Kathy you've got plenty of brains - you can do anything!!

    I look forward to seeing the final spanking brand new product!

    - Andrew


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