Slow start to our road trip

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today, we begin our two week road trip where we'll be going to visit about 20 members of my family by the time all is said and done. It has been in the works since March or so. It's finally here!

We set to leave at 10 this morning which we were on target for until I realized that I forgot my purse at home. (I was loading the car and forgot to go back and check that we had all the bags). By the time I realized it we were all the way down at Jameson -- 30 minutes from home. So, we lost an hour.

We are now at the Duty Free, at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing for a pee break. We did stop for lunch back at Grimsby but with my mistake with the purse and the stupid traffic all along the highway all the way here it is now, sadly, 2:40 pm.

It's a little frustrating -- especially with grumpy children but we're trying not to stress too much. We will be stopping my uncle's outside of Buffalo before we head down to New Jersey so we are in no rush anyway. I'm just glad that we decided to do that, because if we weren't planning to stop, we probably wouldn't get to NJ until past midnight and that just might make me really swear.

Still, I know this trip is going to be pretty stellar despite this slow start. Can only go up from here!

This is arts and crafts with daddy

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gonz has been off of work for nearly a month because of a back injury. He's making most of the time off to chill with the kids. I like that.