Yay! A Great First Year!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sofia's last day of kindergarten is two days away! A whole year of school almost done! I am relieved that school went as well as I hoped that it would for her.

My biggest hope for her was that she would enjoy school. Yes, it's good that she made friends, steadily learned the lessons, paid attention, was respectful to the teacher and others...But I think that all of that comes easiest when your child can look forward to school. When the weekend comes around and I say, "It's Friday, no school tomorrow!" and she responds with an, "Ohhhhhhh...."

(Funny side story: during Sofia's first week of school, we'd try to rush Sofia off to bed so she could be rested for the next day of school, and we'd say, "Sofia! Go to bed, you have to go to school tomorrow!" She was surprised and said, "AGAIN?!" ...Now, she doesn't want to stop going.)

She received her report card today and it is incredible how much they were able to teach her. (It's funny and amazing how many lessons included a song that would help them remember concepts.) The report painted a picture of what a rich experience she has had this year. And it's "just" kindergarten!

Sofia had an incredible team of teachers. I don't know about you, but when I went to kindergarten, I had one main teacher and then an assistant. Sofia comes home and tells me about Mrs. So-and-So, and Mrs. This-and-That, and her and him and the teacher at the library and ... I'm terribly confused, but if it takes that many caring adults to make Sofia so excited to go back to school day after day, awesome! I am so grateful to them that they can engage a classroom of 37 junior and senior kindergarten students in one room. It takes special people to not completely lose their minds. THANK YOU!

On the night of Sofia's last day of school, I want to do something with the family that will celebrate the occasion! I was thinking and thinking...what can we do that will be just totally about her? (Even birthdays and stuff, I always make dinner menus that make me and the adults happy, and the kids have to oblige.) And the only thing that comes to mind is...McDonalds! So, I think that it's going to be McDonalds for Sofia's dinner party! And then maybe Centre Island on Friday for a full day of fun!

Got any ideas better than McDonalds? ('cause I kinda would rather not!) Leave your suggestions in the comments! :)


  1. I have a suggestion...

  2. yes, uncle wiser!!!! and you'll be here (hopefully) for when the baby comes . . . if it ever decides to arrive. :)


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