Oh, the Possibilities

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Through a series of unfortunate events at my husband's current employment, he was injured at work, applied for compensation – visiting doctors, filling out and faxing forms – only to be declined. We are extremely disappointed, but this disappointment is just another blow to add to the collection of dissatisfactions that have been growing over my husband's nine years there.

I came to a point today where I felt kinda sick to my stomach and knew that I can always turn to God. So, I asked Him what should we do? Somehow I already knew the answer because it's something that He has been saying to us for quite sometime: FIND NEW WORK. Unfortunately, we have been disobedient for too long -- putting it off because of the small perks that have been earned due to tenure (despite the great distain that has been growing) of four weeks of holidays and decent pay. 

But he hates it. 
The job isn't invigorating. Completely drains all of his best energy. 
It's definitely time for a change. 

However, this is not the point of this post. This is just presenting the context for what I really want to say. 

The other thing I felt God say when I asked Him what I should do was to tell others to stand by us through prayer. This is completely not like me. I tend to be independent. I love to appear to have it together. I used to be much worse, but I tend to feel that appearing vulnerable is a little embarrassing. Reading this back to myself, it's obvious that this is a problem of pride. 

So, I emailed a handful of friends, letting them in on what we were going through. I expected a few people to write back and say, "Sure, we'll pray." But I was extremely surprised, and touched, to have people call me within minutes just letting me know that what I was going through "SUCKED", people thanked me for the update on our lives, we had people tell us that they had gone through even worse and can testify that God is faithful (double layoff), others telling us about job opportunities that they are going to watch out for... we felt the support deep and strong. 

Even though nothing about our situation has changed, over the course of day we felt strengthened, excited and optimistic about the possibility of what my husband could transition to. We even managed to apply for job as a calltaker/dispatcher for medical emergencies (A.K.A. 911). It was exciting to write a KICK BUTT cover letter. 

This is the Church. You won't see the point of Church unless you give up your independence. I know that because of the prayers of my family and friends, something has shifted in our outlook. To be honest, we have been a little fearful and doubtful of what Gonz could apply for. He has been at this one job for so long you start thinking that there is nothing else he capable of doing. And because of this doubt, he has been locked into a job that has made him increasingly miserable. We are now kind of grateful for this injury and what has transpired to wake us up to make a change. What an awful waste of life if he were to continue for another nine years in the same job. 

A weird scripture unless you've experienced it, then it makes sense:
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."
 - James 1:2-4
No one likes going through anything hard, but for the Christian, because we know the God has us in His hands, we can be confident we can make it through anything. Even have the freedom to be joyful. Hopeful. Excited.

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