When Nose Picking Goes Too Far

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My son has recently become quite the nose picker. Especially, for some reason, when he's getting sleepy, his fingers find comfort inside his nostrils. I really haven't done a lot to discourage him from picking his nose, aside from the, "Joaquiiiinnnn... don't pick your nooossseeeeee." But no consequences or anything 'cause it's not like it's serious. He's not doing anything dangerous, or something that hurts someone else. All parents know that we've gotta pick our battles. This battle wasn't up there on my list. 

One morning I went to get Joaquin from his crib and to my horror I found his face and hands covered in blood, a bloody pool on his bed and some more blood on some stuffed animals. 

I think that there is nothing more sad...than when your child does something to himself (like, throw up, poops, etc.) in the middle of the night, falls asleep and spends TWELVE hours that way. (When she was Joaquin's age, Sofia threw up in the middle of the night, woke up with vomit matted in her hair and dried on her face). HEARTBREAK.

I showed him himself in the mirror and said, "Look! This is what your nose picking is doing! You got an owie!" For a while, whenever he would go to pick his nose again, I'd scold him and ask, "Hey! You want another owie again?" And his hand would slowly lower as he'd look at me guiltily.

This incident was at the end of January. A couple of months later, he's back to his nose picking ways. At least, when he digs a good one out, he usually hands it to me (charming, I know). It's better than finding it in the couch, or in the carpet, yes?

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