Joaquin Turns Two

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This past Sunday, my second child turned two. My little boy... like, really? Two, whole years already?! Life really does speed by.

I still remember all the difficulties I had with Joaquin when he was first born. He was one exhausting little guy. A few weeks in, Joaquin was showing signs that he may be colicky. Each night, at the same time, I couldn't put him down. He'd cry – sure, that made sense... he was sleepy. So, I'd rock him and rock him to sleep, and when he'd finally fall asleep and I was sure he was asleep, I'd try to put him in his crib. However, after about ten minutes, he'd be awake again. Crying again. I knew that it wasn't as bad as some parents have it when their child is colicky (screaming for five hours straight), but this was still really exhausting. The adjustment from one child to two was proving to be really difficult and I didn't know what to do. 

Like all modern moms, I scoured the internet, looking for answers. Every website said that there wasn't much you can do to help a baby that has colic. No one knows what causes colic, and so I was stuck. 

Lucky for me, I'm pretty stubborn. 

I kept reading more and more websites, trying figure out what was up with Joaquin and I stumbled upon one website that said that if the mother suspects that her baby is colicky, that she might try and remove dairy from her own diet if she is nursing her baby. This is because her baby may be intolerant to the cow's milk protein that is passing into the breast milk. And while it may take some time to see any results, for Joaquin, it was the next day – and the results were drastic. Instead of a squirmy, uncomfortable baby, he was relaxed and content. 

Joaquin had to live with his protein intolerance for a few weeks while I figured all of this out, and those few weeks made me extremely frustrated, especially since those early days are typically devoid of sleep, which makes EVERYTHING extremely frustrating – even the simplest of tasks at times. 

Whenever I think back to those times and look at Joaquin as he is now, I am amazed that we've come so far. Especially when I thought those hard days would never end. He eats everything. Loves to try everything (even his uncle's pizza topped with chilli oil, which he tried twice). But he doesn't like much processed food (jarred baby food he never accepted), so I can say he was born a food snob. I am so grateful that phase has passed and he is now a happy and healthy boy. At his doctor's appointment this morning, apparently he is quite tall, and skinny. (SKINNY?!) 

Below, Joaquin is pictured with his new toy horse. 
He is giving him a "drink". 

I remember when I pregnant with Joaquin, both my husband and I were hoping that we'd have another girl. We loved Sofia so much and enjoyed our experience being parents of a girl that we figured we would only want another one. I carried Joaquin just like I carried Sofia so everyone was guessing I was having another girl, so a boy never entered my mind. On the day he was born, when he came into the world, and the doctor announced that we had a boy, I instantly yelled, "I LOVE YOU!" What a funny impulse – looks like my heart knew before my head did.


  1. I remember when you discovered the milk thing - I was like, how on earth did you possibly figure that out?

    Happy Birthday Joaquin! Uncle Wiser is happy that you are a food snob, and I look forward to feeding you lots of delicious food until your stomach hurts.



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