Sofia Goes to School

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sofia finally goes to school.

My husband and I have been waiting a long time for her to go. Because she is such a social kid, we figured she could benefit from hanging out with kids her own age, and from some structure in her day – but we held out until Junior Kindergarten. We enjoyed the summer and kept reminding Sofia about the awesome time that she was going to have when she started going to school in the fall.

Okay, seriously, in our minds, Sofia was going to LOVE school. She was going to BEG us to take her in the mornings. She was going to talk our ears off about all the things that she has learned, and all the awesome activities that she accomplished in the day.

It kinda hasn't been like that.

First day of school, a Friday, Sofia went off to her classroom with a little bit of resistance, but I don't blame her since there was a screaming kid, hanging on to the doorposts while his mom was trying to get him to enter the school doors and get him in line. I imagine the wheels in her head turning thinking, "What does this kid know that I don't?!" Fortunately, I managed to leave before she changed her mind about signing up for this thing called school.

When I picked Sofia up from school, she looked exhausted. And she is only going half day where many schools in Ontario are going to full days every other day. Well, honestly, it couldn't have been a more straining time for her to start school. Her aunt was getting married the day after she started school. Therefore, we have been having rehearsals, family festivities, zipping up and down the city to arrange and prepare for this wedding. In the middle of this: Sofia starts school. The night before, we had my sister's fiancĂ©'s family over for dinner – fresh from the airport. She had been looking forward all day to it and once they arrived, it was non-stop chatter and playing with Josiah's four other brother and sisters, mom and dad. That night, she comes into my room, at about 4 am and says, "Mommy! Mommy! Monkeys are cutting my hair!" And it took forever to get her to settle back into her bed. She kept coming back, anticipating the arrival of the monkeys. Exhausted at school the next day? No surprise here.

Every day we've been asking what she did at school, who she played with, the names of her friends... she just rolls her eyes and yells, "NAH-THING!" All she'd say is that she didn't get to play at the water or the sand tables, and that she didn't get to paint. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went by and her attitude towards school was not anything that I'd call stellar. I really want her to like school. My husband and I loved school and it sure makes it easier to perform well if you don't dread going. Yeah, I know it's kindergarten, but I still want her to have a good impression of the whole education deal.

Then Thursday arrived. Sofia came home beaming about school, and yammered away about making birthday crowns, having played at the water and sand tables, and today, she got to paint and that she behaved well (obviously a very subjective comment).

I am relieved. I think that it just takes a little while to setting into routines and have reality live up to the expectations. She has been really good at being obedient at bedtimes, and waking up really hasn't been an issue. Most of the time we're early to school. Every day I stand in line with her and the other children in her class and their parents, everyone looks less strained and stressed. Looking forward to a good school year!

Oh, and the first exciting thing comin' up: PICTURE DAY!