Rice, Unboring-ified

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I do not know much about Indian food. The times that I've had it, I've enjoyed it, but all the spices are definitely not something I am really familiar with. At dinner one night I was bemoaning the fact that I am so sick of eating basmati rice. We used to eat jasmine rice like good Chinese people, but because of my husband's and my mother's blood sugar issues, we switched to basmati. They're healthier because of it, so I'm happy about that, but I really needed a switch-up. So, Matt had some suggestions and said he had a recipe that I could try out. Lemon rice -- by Jamie Oliver nonetheless. Okay, I'm game. He even went out and bought some of the harder to get ingredients and biked them over to my house. I definitely had to try it out now!

I had no idea what to expect especially since I had no idea what curry leaves, or mustard seeds tasted like. Turned out good! New tastes...my family is always looking for them somehow.

Just found the recipe online: check it out here!

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