A new direction

Sunday, March 06, 2011

One thing that I'm really looking forward to is designing a lot more. My maternity leave is up at the end of this month and it's really hard to believe that a whole year has passed me by. Again. My latest baby is nearly 365 days old. I look at him and think, really?

Anyway, I'm getting ready to be back at work and since I'm itching to get back, I've started designing some websites for a couple of friends and I'm excited about how they're turning out. I treat each leave as some kind of sabbatical, where I can assess my work: step back, look at my style, my technique, my skills -- where do I want to improve? Where can help others? When I'm return to working life this time, my newest area is going to be designing websites that are online portfolio-type websites. Like, for artists, designers, musicians, etc. I am NOT a programmer, so I can't do fancy database driven stuff. Just websites that let the world know, "Here I am, and here is what I do." I know that there must be a niche for those who can provide a website that is attractive but isn't going to be charging a zillion dollars for. That's gonna be me. :)

I'm building up my portfolio and am looking forward to seeing what I can generate. As they get completed, I'll be letting you all know.

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