My first week back

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week back at work from maternity leave. I was bracing myself for a much worse week, honestly. I was anticipating a lot of meltdowns and tantrums...maybe some from my kids too.

I've been able to get up way before them for all three days. Joaquin wakes first at around 8; Sofia wakes a whole hour later. I've been getting up somewhere around 6:30/45, and it gives me enough time to actually have a quiet breakfast, journal and read my Bible, and get grounded for the day. I even have time to shower (GASP!) and BLOW. DRY. MY. HAIR. I know... how long can this possibly last? I haven't yet put exercising into this whole mix, but it will need to get in there somewhere. I already feel really bad posture and secretary's butt coming on.

It's been a wonderful week back though. I didn't realize how much I missed my co-workers until I was actually back (when you're running around with two kids all the time, it's hard to think about much else). It's great to be a part of a team and such a great team at that. I've been there for around eight years now, so yes, there has got to have been some kind of bonding happening during those years, right? I've felt so loved, appreciated, encouraged and high-fived as soon I walked in the door. It's really awesome to be able to collaborate and build something together with people who are all working hard towards the goal. It's a shame when that doesn't happen.

I think that I'm going to have adjust my working hours back an hour because I feel like from the moment I start my day until I put the kids to bed at 9, I am running non-stop. If I want to make this a sustainable way to live, I am going to need a break and chill at some point in there. Plus! When it's summertime? I am not going to want to waste my evenings. BUT, we'll try that next week. Maybe I'll start backing it up by a half hour first. I come from a long, long line of night owls. Gotta be gentle. Waking at 5 am is not appealing to me - in theory it is... in practice, a whole different story.

Work/Family balance. It's a hard one to strike. I'll keep posting whatever I figure out. Love to hear what any one out there has got on how to survive the psycho working-and-got-a-family-life-thing (hint, hint - leave a comment!).


  1. Sorry Kathy, I'd love to tell you I've got it all figured out and my life is balanced, but I'm far from balance. Working shift work means on the days I'm at work I wake up way too early and can't get to be soon enough. On my days off I have a million things to catch up on, and rarely even catch my breath. I guess the truth is life is busy with little ones. Some days will workout really well and we believe in the illusion that we've finally for it all together. These days seem to always be followed by one which very quickly remind us we have a lot left to learn.

  2. One idea that has worked for me in the past, is giving one of your children to large haired caretakers in San Francisco. They love having extra kids to care for - and it would free up the child care by 50%, without any increased cost.

  3. We are so glad to have you back! And glad that the first week hasn't been too painful. :-)

  4. This Peter Piper has a great idea going. The large haired child caretaker would do an amazing job!!! :)

  5. Hey Kathy!
    So glad that your work week went well. I hope that it continues to do so and that you get back into the full swing of things. Any tips would be great. I'm struggling now with what to do.
    Lots of love :)


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