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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm so really happy right now.

February 23 came and went and I completely forgot that I was supposed to register Sofia for school. COMPLETELY FORGOT, despite the fact that we were looking forward to it for the last two months or something. Fortunately, for the internet, I looked up the info for what to do now and it was fine, and totally normal and that I was to call and arrange an appointment to get registered.

Hubby has been on my back to call the school to set up an appointment and so I did today. The secretary (or whatever they call them these days) asked me to pick up a package for registration to prepare for the appointment. And she added, "Are you available now?" So, I excitedly asked Sofia if she wanted to visit her school and well, of course she wanted to. So we walked there ... okay, I walked there, and Sofia RAN there. She ran all the way all the while saying under her breath, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" which eventually became "I'm getting tired, I'm getting tired, I'm getting tired..."

We get had to buzz to get into the school (times have sure changed since when I went over 25 years ago!) and went straight to the office. I looked for the secretary and she made eye contact with me and said, "Oh, are you the lady I just spoke with?", looked down and said, "Oh! She's a cutie!" I'm beaming and SO EXCITED THAT MY BABY IS GOING TO SCHOOL. She walked me through the package and set me up with an appointment and then said, "Hey Sofia, do you want to see your classroom?" Sofia nodded and the secretary took her by the hand and walked across the hall to her future classroom where she met her future teacher.

The whole experience was ridiculously positive. I have only heard amazing things about her school and I'm excited that just the vibe in there is that they really care about the students. It feels so warm and friendly. What else could you ask for?! THANK YOU, LORD!

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  1. I loved reading this! What a moment. I'd be so pumped too!
    Joey starts in September as well - eee! Yesterday my mom told me it's a 99.9% chance that he'll get into the school she wants him to attend.
    Yay for good schools and little ones excited about attending them!


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