Friday, February 04, 2011

I know, I know... I'm one of those crazy people that likes winter. I'm not so crazy that I would want it every single day of the year, but I do enjoy my four seasons and when winter comes around, I watch for the snowflake icon to appear on the Weather Network's report.

Now, since I had my first baby, I've been looking forward to taking her out into the snow. This year is particularly awesome 'cause her legs are long enough that now we can do some serious snow activities. I make sure I rig her up in really decent snow gear 'cause I remember freezing my butt off (especially because of the wind) when I was growing up. Thank the Lord for innovative technology that is now built into every snowboarding style snowsuit! Hilarious... a jacket for a three year old has the rig up for an iPod.

Anyway, today was the second time I took Sofia out to go sledding. Poor girl, we have to walk to the hill which is no biggie, but we have to cross this field to get to the hill. After the snow dump from the last two days, the snow is virtually up to her knees. I get her to chant "hard work, hard work, everybody hard work" and focus on the fun that is before her. Otherwise, she whines and keeps falling on her face complaining that it's toooooo haaaaard. Bah! Annoying! You are a Chinese child and you will ENJOY THIS especially because of the hard work! She comes around and does get to the hill.

I'm not sure that I have no ulterior motive in taking Sofia sledding. Really, I think I want to go for myself. But, of course, I just really want to share my love of winter with my little girl -- 'cause she sure ain't gonna get it from her South American dad.

Here is the video that I took of the first time Sofia and I go down the hill - one week ago. Enjoy!

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  1. After reading this one, I REALLY want you guys to visit Labrador...tons and tons of snow, and an awesome hill right beside the house where I grew up. :-) (such a sweet video!)


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