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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today, Sofia and I prepared some hearts for mailing. She was excited when I brought home the Valentine's Day stickers and bugged me all day to make the hearts with her. However, this always seems to be the pattern: she is excited to do the activity until she actually starts and realizes that her mother is a relentless taskmaster.

I say to her:
No, don't put too many of those stickers there. You have to save them for other hearts!
No, you have to colour the heart first - you won't be able to colour over the stickers!
Come on, you can have a snack after. Make one more!

I can hear myself, but I can't stop it. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?

I need expensive, professional help.

But...they turned out really cute....!

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  1. Yoyo and Yaya LOVED the valentines!!!!!! thanks Sofia! and Mama!


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