Little Girls

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dolls. Dresses. Pink. Princesses. Dress up. Nail polish.


No, crazy people. I did not GIVE her lipstick. I did not PUT lipstick on her.
That is, my friends, Crayola marker. Thank the Lord, it's washable. Even Especially when forbidden, she will FIND a way to imitate grown ladies.

You've gotta admit, she did a decent job.
And even picked a decent shade.


  1. Oh my soul! That is hilarious, Kathy! She's got a good eye...

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! Little girls should not be allowed to put their own makeup on. How would they ever learn how to put it on right?!?! Nice job in the proper education on how to do that kind of stuff!!!

  3. I love this picture of Sofia. She looks so different and grown up. I love it :)


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