Parenting Memories: Instalment #2

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Joaquin must have been only a month old or so. I left him in Sofia's room, with Sofia, for only a moment, while I grabbed something from the bathroom. I hurried back since, at this point, I really didn't trust my two year old with the newborn. And I should have trusted my instincts.

When I got back, to my horror, I found Sofia sitting on top of Joaquin, bouncing up and down. I immediately picked up her and applied some disciplining principles. She really needed to understand that is a big fat no-no. I looked in her face which told me, "Yes, I definitely knew that was wrong..." and I asked her, "Do you know why you can't do that?" She says, "Because Joaquin isn't a horse."

At that point, I lost it and could not stop laughing. I am usually really good at the stern-momma look, but that was so honest and completely unexpected. Well, the important thing is, she hasn't done it since.

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