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Thursday, January 06, 2011

I was browsing for apps last night on my iPod for no reason other than to procrastinate going to bed (my other New Year's resolution...ha!). iTunes had "New Year, New You" featured area and that's where I found the "NikeWomen Training Club" app.

I downloaded it, since it was free, to check it out. And it seriously is set up to be amazing. It has 90+ different workouts to get lean, strong, to focus on "trouble spots" :) and keep you challenged.

I did one today, and it kicked my butt. The shortest workout is 30 minutes long and I could only complete 20 minutes. All my muscles have that fatigued feeling -- they're trembling.

I am so out of shape, it's becoming scary. I pick up and drop exercise workout programs so often and the first time back is always a little tough, but this one just killed me. It's got so many basic moves that are easy enough to do, but challenging enough that I have a way to go until I master it.

This might be something that I can stick with! It requires nothing but my living room, maybe some free weights (when I get there), my iPod and some headphones. I can select what album or playlist that I want work out to, and then there are audible instructions that play over my music that help move the workout along through the different moves. There really is no excuse.

Of course, there has to be a social networking aspect to this. After you complete your workout, you log into your online account at through your iPod and basically report your workout. You earn rewards, which I have no idea what it gets you aside from some kind of self-satisfaction (which is enough for me) and can track your progress milestones. Ladies, if you join this, let me know by adding me to your friends!

Everything about this appeals to me. I can take it anywhere. I am looking forward to being strong again. And perhaps gain some of my pre-children energy back!

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  1. very cool kathy...glad you're looking for something that works for you. I do a whole bunch of stuff. I'm presently on week 6 of P90X. It's become my winter workout (did it last year too). I can't believe how committed I am to it, but it works for me...every morning at 5:45am.

    Janet did the 30 day challenge with the Wii Active last year and really liked that too. I'll do that periodically for fun. And I'm also incorporating this new one called 'Insanity'. I basically swap out Thursday's Yoga video for one of their videos. It's intense, but a bit shorter than P90X.


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