The God Book

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our church is doing a three-year series called, The God Book. Our pastor basically laid out a three-year plan where we will be covering every, single book of the Bible -- even the "boring" ones. So I started the church project with the assigned book, "Leviticus", which lays out all the instructions for the sacrificial offerings of the Jewish people. God is very specific about how to do everything. I have been having a great time moving through the scriptures.

To be honest, I haven't been consistently reading my Bible for a long time. Uh, like since Bible College. I read the Bible nearly every day before going to college, but afterwards, it was different. I didn't have the habit anymore. I think what happened was that before, no one told me to read it, then in college, I read what I was assigned. Once the assignments were done, there wasn't that habit of reading devotionally that brought me back to the book again and again.

The scary thing is that in a way I felt that I had covered all of it, what else was there to know? Obviously, I know that the scriptures will have something for me to learn for the rest of my life, but I just didn't feel that way. But with this church project, it has been different. I really wanted to feel connected to God and really have Him shape my life in ways that haven't happened in a long time.

This has been my prayer and He really is answering.

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