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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sofia is really, really looking forward to going to school. While she is very strong willed, she isn't that independent in some respects. Like, she still wants me to take her to the bathroom at home, wants me to build her Lego with her, put on her socks, etc. Mealtimes is exceptionally challenging. We have friends whose son has been feeding himself before he turned two. So, to try to convince her to start doing things on her own, we'll tell her she'll need these skills when she goes to school on her own.

Today at lunch, my mother, in an effort to get Sofia (my nearly 3-year old) to feed herself her lunch, she tells her, "When you go to school, you have to feed yourself. No one is going to feed you. You're going to be hungry."

I nearly fell over.
I guess that's how she made me the self-motivated person I am today. :)

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  1. looking at the picture of you 3 to the left of the blog, i can hardly believe she is nearly 3!!!! it definitely doesn't feel like 3 years have passed. and yes, that sounds like a great strategy, ha! kaylee. and i'm posting as anonymous cause i can't remember my password...


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