So not worth it

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today, we took the kids to a pumpkin patch up in Richmond Hill. We chose three pumpkins that we'd make into jack-o-lanterns, and brought them home.

After dinner tonight, Gonzo and I made sketches as to what we would carve into these pumpkins...and promptly stopped -- remembering what happened with the Ikea train set. My husband spent so much time designing a train track that would utilize every single piece that Sofia completely lost interest and we couldn't gain it back. Anyway, back to the pumpkins...the last time I was in the presence of a pumpkin being carved, it was back when I was in kindergarten - for real. I told G to check YouTube for a pumpkin carving video, you know, to get some tips. Man, it was a lot harder than I remember my teacher let on. We tried out all sorts of different knives (from chefs' knives to utility ones) all while trying not to plunge the knife into my gut or cutting off my hand. We found that the steak knife worked the best.

After over hour of cutting the circle into the top, removing all the pumpkin innards, scraping the inside out, drawing the face and finally cutting all the pieces out, my right forearm and upper back was so sore - but it was finally done! We placed the candle inside and set it out in the backyard so Sofia could see. You know what she said?

I don't like it.
It's scary.



  1. Bahaha! It's cute :)

  2. Too cute. She is funny, no really, G is funny ;-)

  3. ahhaha. that's a great reaction. priceless.

  4. hahaha! Kids are so funny, and honest. Thank you for sharing...and for the knife tips!


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