First instalment: Parenting Memories

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My friend, Chris has a series on his blog called "Epic Fail". I have been thinking about doing series too, and I think that I'll start posting my favourite parenting memories. There are so many moments while being with my children that are so ridiculously funny. Hopefully they're not just funny to me only... But I may also post some moments that have meant so much to me. The stuff that really put the joy into parenting. Thought these may be fun to record and share.


Instalment #1: All Drains Lead to the Ocean, Kid

Over the summer, we were visiting my cousin and her family who live in New Jersey. At this point, Sofia is two and half. In the middle of the night, one night, Sofia asked to go to the bathroom. I didn't bring her potty seat since the car was full -- one less thing to bring. In an effort to be independent, she asked that I not hold on to her while she sat on the toilet. I obliged... probably since I was still sleepy. Next thing you know, she fell in so far that she was literally folded in half. I stifled my laughter as she started to cry. I said, "Sofia! Sofia! It's okay, it's okay..." as I lifted her out. She finally calms down and says, "Momma...No flush Sofia okay?"


  1. how come she's so funny????

  2. I love it!!!! I'll be a reader for sure!

  3. I LOVE that story!!! ha ha ha ha.


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