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Friday, September 17, 2010

Today, our little family went down to pick up a "tradesies" that my hubby was getting for editing some footage for a promotional video. The video was for a little company called CBE (short for Clothing Brand Experiment). The funny thing about the way things can work today is that you can collaborate with people you totally would never need to meet to complete a project together.

1. Elly (designer/owner of CBE) contacts Christine to shoot footage for video
2. Christine meets up with Elly to shoot footage
3. Christine sends footage over by ftp to Gonzalo for editing
4. Gonzalo edits and sends draft clip via ftp over to Christine
5. Christine sends draft clip to Elly for approval via email/ftp
6. Elly emails Christine approval
7. Christine sends video clip over to ftp over to Lodevijk to write soundtrack
8. Lodevijk sends track to Christine/Elly via email
9. Elly approves track
10. Christine sends track over to Gonzalo via email/ftp
11. Gonzalo downloads track and adds it to video, completing the video
12. Gonzalo ftp's the new video over to Elly
13. Elly posts on the internet
14. People view and make a purchase

...and at only one step does someone need to leave their desk.

Doing work today is so crazy-different than let's say even 10 years ago.

A little bit about CBE -- CBE is Elly Green's company and they are all about the perfect hoodie. And perfect THEY REALLY ARE. Seriously amazing fit and fabric, colour and design. She seems to really be into collaborating which really brings something interesting to the design too. Imagine wearing some of the really awesome graffiti that you see around the city. She's got some of that going on. Check out her website -- support some local talent!

Beauty in a new form

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh man, watching this for the first time gave me a ridiculous amount of shivers. Such a lovely technique. What doesn't hurt is the really cool music too. Enjoy!

Glasses shopping - My Favourite!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

My hubby and I are always excited when it comes time to get new prescription glasses. We get an allowance from our group benefits and so it's like free shopping! So, I was just doing a little shopping online and found a online store called, "Contacts and Specs". They carry a lot of brands that I have never heard of, which is always fun.

Here are a few of my picks -- which are unfortunately completely out of my budget. Oh, and only one of them are actually glasses and not sunglasses. Too bad you can't wear sunglasses indoors without feeling like a total fool.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Candice
Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Ilana

Starck Eyes, PLO837

Salt Optics - Natali

And to think that these prices are before purchasing the lenses. Bah! Oh well...I'm sure we can still find something totally amazing at Pacific Mall!