A new road to travel on

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today, G and I made his first visit to a naturopathic doctor. I don't know many people who are under the care of this kind of doctor so I looked for one online that could care for his post-colitis needs. I managed to find one quite easily, located downtown. We left early to make sure we were on time for our 10 am appointment.

I got it in my mind to try sending him to a naturopathic doctor because his health was declining again. The last time he went to a specialist for gastrointestinal health they put him on antibiotics...indefinitely. I just really don't feel like that can be good. Isn't probiotics all the rage these days in health food circles? He has been noticing that he has been getting sick more often when he is in contact with someone else who has, or is, sick. His immunity is definitely down.

I am also wary of him just taking more and more medication. My parents raised me to be as independent from medication as possible. We are not ANTI-medication. We are not ANTI-conventional medicine. We just don't like to mask the real issue. Instead of buying expensive creams and lotions to improve the skin, why not just drink more water? Instead of getting caffeinated all the time, why not trying to sleep more? If you have a headache, instead of taking ibuprofen, why not check to see if you're dehydrated or perhaps hungry? So, if my husband has an infection in his gut (which is a common complication of being post-colitis), can't we find a way to fend off the infection and try to figure out a way to keep it away? This must be healthier in the long run. Of course, when the natural way has run its course and the situation still exists, dependence on medication is necessary and unavoidable. I just don't like running to it when it should be the last resort.

With all of my husband's health issues, it took a two hour discussion to paint the picture for the doctor. The doctor was patient and understanding as G told him problem after problem. It only made me feel like we should have done this earlier. Nevertheless, we are here at this point and glad that we're making an effort to take care of this now, as opposed to putting it off until his health status is irreversible.

One of things that we are most happy with is that this doctor isn't "us vs. them" when it comes to viewing conventional compared to naturopathic medicine. He likes to see them work together which is what we were hoping for.

Well, we'll see how it goes. This is a long term treatment so it might be a few months before we starting seeing a real improvement. But health is a long-term commitment so I am okay with this.