Upside Down

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ugh. I am totally going to regret this. 5:30 am, can't sleep due to children waking me once too many times and figured I'd might as well as get something out of this. Hopefully I can make Sofia take a nap today and konk out also at that time.

Joaquin update: 3 months on the 25th of June. He's doing well... 15 pounds and 13 ounces. Gonzalo's boss said that his daughter is 16 pounds, and she's 10 months old. She makes Joaquin sound like a monster.

Joaquin is a lot more awake now, although sometimes I think that he wants to be asleep more than I let him. That's one difference with having two: with Sofia, she would often dictate how the day would go. If she was napping, well, that's what we were doing then. Staying at home. Sofia gets stir-crazy if we stay at home too many days in a row and starts destroying stuff, so we've gotta get out of the house. Trying to plan this while Joaquin is awake would be trying to go to the mall or otherwise in 15 to 45 minute segments. Lame-o. So, sorry Joaquin, we hope you'll fall asleep in the car.

More diet restrictions: A little more than a month ago I really solidified that Joaquin has a milk protein allergy. This means, whenever I consume milk and milk products (uncooked -- like, yogurt, cheese, ICE CREAM...) it really makes him crampy and therefore scream-y. Now that I've been off of dairy for a long while, he is like a different baby altogether. Poor thing. So, I've been on the search for desserts without dairy, which I have discovered is sure harder than one realizes. Everything wonderful has dairy. Creamy delightfulness. Well, I found that lemon meringue pie has no dairy! So, I've been having it everyday for the last four days or so. Apparently no one else in the house likes it, including Sofia...and Joaquin. Joaquin started showing rashes on his face. Maybe eczema? BRUTAL. So, adding to the list of no-eats are: milk, milk products, broccoli (EXTREME GASSINESS that he cannot even nurse hardly the following day), soy (rashiness) and now I figure, egg (the main ingredient in the meringue). I will now cut that BACK OUT of my diet and see if he improves. This guy is a diva. Hiiiiiigh maintenance.

Anyway, he's still a joy to have around. He's a happy baby (at least he is now, now that cow's milk is out of his life), and it's fun to watch him grow. Even though I've already been through all of this once, I still like to sit by his crib sometimes and watch him sleep. I love to study his little hands and feet. It really never gets old. Babies and children are such a wonder.

Sofia update: ridiculous, really sums everything up. She's learning to stall at bedtime. One night, while I am waiting for her to kiss everyone goodnight (some nights we need to start this a half hour earlier, depending on how many people are over), she calls me over and tells me to "Sit down...I tell you a story. Cooooome," with this learned adult mannerism and intonation. Kinda cute. Kinda creepy.

She's learning to get out of being disciplined when she knooooows she in trouble. She'll flash me a manipulative grin. She'll hug me and tell me, "I looooove you, Mommy." She'll use comedy. She'll negotiate. SHE'S TWO A HALF and you'd think she's going to make her life as a lawyer. Makes me kinda proud, but mostly makes me cringe.

She's learning to confess her sins at bedtime. A couple of days ago, we ran into a two-too-many-kids-need-mommy-Kathy-at-once situation. Joaquin was tired and hungry. Sofia was also hungry. Joaquin was already crying. Sofia is old enough to wait -- especially since I was trying to make her have a snack a few hours earlier, but she would rather watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame (which I now don't think is a good idea for a two year old -- kinda scary), than have a snack. Fine. So, I'm feeding Joaquin and Sofia begins to whine about being hungry. She wants ice cream. She wants a chocolate egg (yes, leftover from Easter). She wants cereal. She wants candy. No. No. No. And NO. "You'll have to wait." I can hear her downstairs CRYING. This is just terrible. Like, I've left her to fend for herself on the street with nothing but a backpack of stuffed animals, barefoot. Obviously, I was frustrated and really gave her a stern lecturing about how she needs to eat her snack when I tell her to. Later, that night, when I tuck her into bed to sleep, she says, "Momma, sorry for being hungry." Way to go to break my heart.

Even with all these crazy ways my life has been completely ransacked...I think I couldn't be happier. How can I hold anything against my children when Sofia will stop whatever she's doing and run over and give her brother a kiss saying, "I love you, Joaquin," and then promptly give him a breath-stopping squeeze? How can I feel tired when I watch Joaquin follow his sister around (with his gaze, obviously at this age) with a hopeless smile on his face? It's hectic sometimes, but I am earning myself something wonderful: I am building a family.