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Monday, May 10, 2010

Joaquín is now a month and a half exactly. It has been a good month and a half. He is sleeping a little bit longer at night - five hour stretches regularly. He is gaining waaaaay too fast. He is outpacing the strengthening of my arms. Sofia gained at a good rate where my arms would get stronger at the same pace. But with Joaquín, after five minutes, I've gotta either pass him off, or put him down. He really is just that heavy. What a beast.

I am now less tired since I am getting to sleep a little bit longer at night, and the big thing: Joaquín is passed that gassy phase. For parents, we all know that our babies go through this period that you just dread - night time gassiness. Imagine, in the middle of the night, after a feeding, your baby cannot stop crying because they are so bloated. Their little tummies huge with air. You have to pat, pat, pat their backs, and massage their tummies, work their legs...all in hope that you can get them to pass that gas so your baby can sleep, and therefore SO CAN YOU. This is the single thing that determines whether or not I am completely exhausted the next day. He still has a little bit of evening fussiness, but it's easily solved by carrying him in a sling - although for the ENTIRE evening!

And so...now that I am now not falling asleep every time I sit down, I am looking to be productive. I would hate for my maternity leave to just disappear without accomplishing something. For me, what I hope for the most would be to either 1) acquire a new positive habit, or 2) learn something new.

A great new habit would be simply to exercise. Even at least 20 minutes a day. All through my pregnancy with Joaquín I said that if I would hope to have a third kid, I'd better do some strength training. Because I didn't do any after I gave birth to Sofia, I really feel that is why I felt so achy with Joaquín so much earlier in my pregnancy. With Sofia, I never reached that I-am-so-done-being-pregnant feeling due to the fact that I was at the gym four times a week, running at least 20 minutes and then lots of ab work. And now, that was a long, long time ago. Sure, it would be nice to look great, but I care more about feeling strong and healthy while my children are growing up. I anticipate that it would really help my patience level go up if I'm not grumpy from feeling like total crap all of the time.

The new thing that I am learning is making bread. The thing that made me think of this is that my family grows through A LOT of bread. I bought a house with my parents last year and so there are four adults and a pre-schooler that consumes bread daily. My mother, I swear, is a addicted to bread. She may eat four to six slices a day. (And no, she is no where near overweight.) So, my mother alone probably eats a third of a loaf on her own. What scares me about the bread that is readily available to us is all of the added ingredients that is in it to keep it pretty on the shelf. Have you ever left Wonderbread on your counter for weeks? The only thing that happens to it is that it gets a little dry, otherwise, it appears unchanged. I used to buy bread with no preservatives - it is moldy in three days. WHAT THE HECK IS IN WONDERBREAD (and other commercially prepared bread)?! With these two reasons, I decided it may be worthwhile to get a bread machine, since it would be completely unrealistic to hope that we could hand make our bread on a regular basis. If you have ever made bread you will know how impossibly long it takes. Gonzalo made bread once, and it took four hours of on and off supervision. It's ridiculous. I mean, it's nice once and a while, but again, not realistic for daily consumption.

I did some research into some bread machines and got some prices, but had no idea what was a good brand, what features would I want in one, etc., and it seemed that a middle of the road one would cost around $100. (There's a fancy Japanese one that costs over $300!) I posted my intentions of acquiring said machine on Facebook and asked for a suggestion for a brandname. My high school friend, Dahila, replied with an offer to purchase hers for $20! Wicked. (And we scored an awesome mini-reunion at the same time). So far I have made bread once since I picked it up last week and it's really easy despite all the warnings in the 20-page instruction manual that says if you don't follow the recipes to an exact "T" your bread will be a flop. I substituted the heck out of the recipe that was in the manual since I was so excited to use it and didn't check to see if I had everything. Typical Kathy move. I even screwed it up to the point where I followed the one-pound bread recipe that they had in the manual, only to find out that there was only a 1.5-pound and 2-pound setting on the machine. Show me the logic in that! Instead of throwing out all of the ingredients I just decided, WHAT THE HECK, and just trying it anyway. And three and half hours later...VOILA! BREAD! And it was delicious. Annnd gone in two hours.

One other project I am going to work on next is propagating my hydrangea plants that we have in our backyard. I hope to plant a bush in my front yard. We'll see how this goes.

Oh! Joaquín is awake and is hungry. Gotta go! Hope to be posting a little more regularly in the future.

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