Life with Two Children

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Since this early heat wave hit, I have pulled out the kiddie pool that I bought for Sofia about a month ago. I'd like to think that this will get her ready for big pool time. I fill it up in the morning with the hose from the garden and so that by after lunch, it's not super freezing. This, however, also builds ridiculous anticipation for a two year old. Yesterday, Sofia had finished her lunch and got ready to play in the pool before her afternoon nap. My mother had to leave for work, so here I am with Joaquín in the sling and Sofia headed for the pool. I was hoping that Joaquín would fall asleep BEFORE I put Sofia in the pool, but no such luck. But, I didn't want Sofia to have to wait any longer because I wanted her to have as much time in the pool as possible before she had to nap. I had to stand away from the pool, closer to the house, to stay in the shade so that Joaquín wasn't in the sun -- and this caused a major problem. See, Sofia HATES bugs. She is PETRIFIED of bugs. I hate bugs also, but this is just insane. Of course, in the pool, there WILL be bugs that will fall in. But the bugs that fell in yesterday, I could hardly even see them. I think all she had were fruit flies. I agreed to scoop them out a few times, but it was getting stupid. She was so fixated on the bugs that COULD land in her pool that she wasn't even enjoying the pool anymore. So I told her, either cope with the bugs or get out and take a nap. No go with the bugs, but she refused to get out. This resulted in a screaming Sofia. Out in the open air. Crying and screaming at the top of her lungs (and she comes from a long line of strong, large lungs). I was positive that CAS was going to show up at my door. This went back and forth for a little bit: me telling Sofia to get inside NOW, and Sofia yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Joaquín finally fell asleep so I quickly go inside and I put him down (Sofia is still standing in the pool CRYING and SCREAMING). As I come back outside, Sofia stops crying and starts GAGGING, and THROWS UP IN THE POOL. Which, then, results in EVEN LOUDER CRYING. This is quickly spiralling out of control. I run outside and pick Sofia up, demanding that she stop crying lest she throw up more, but she's kicking and screaming and sobbing and heaving. I run upstairs and put her down in the tub, where she throws up two more times. I tell her calmly, slow down. She actually listens to me and follows me as I demonstrate how to take deep breaths (which sounds completely stupid that I am doing this but she was really crying out of control now). I change her out of her bathing suit and clean her up. I sit her down and explain to her that she can't cry like that and that bugs are really not going to hurt her (although I hardly believe that). I lay her down in bed and tell her I am going to go clean out her pool and she can go "swimming" when she wakes up.

I go back downstairs (Joaquín is miraculously still sleeping even after all that), and first try and just only scoop out the barf but this is impossible. I throw out all the water -- using a plastic container and flinging it all over the garden (I might as well try to water the garden instead of making a muddy puddle) and turn the hose on to fill the pool back up again. I go back inside and Joaquín is now crying hard so I pick him and finally settle him down and get him to sleep too. I go upstairs to his room, and put him down in the crib, and thankfully he stays asleep. I go and check on Sofia and she is sleeping too.

I go downstairs, plop myself on the couch and think of all the chocolate bars I could eat.

That was an INSANE half hour. But then it was all over. And I was proud of myself that I didn't totally lose my cool. I was definitely frustrated, but I didn't totally flip and freak out. Maybe I am growing as a parent! Hopefully...


  1. haha OH MY. I myself would have had a hissy fit..hahaha man that's pretty insane crying!! LOL . at least you settled her down :)

  2. that sounds so crazy.... you've helped me to realize that my plan of waiting longer before number is a good one. sounds like you're 'winning' and doing an awesome job =) keep it up mom!

  3. um. sorry i meant to say waiting until number 2... just to clarify =)


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