Joaquín: Two Months

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

51a - 2010 05 14 tummy time

Joaquín turned two months old today. I find myself comparing Joaquín at this stage to where Sofia was at unintentionally. I keep trying to think if Sofia was this heavy, or if Sofia was awake yet, etc. But really, I don't really remember. I just can't help it.

It has been a challenging couple of weeks with Joaquín. He has been more awake during the day, and I just figured that it was a developmental thing: they can't sleep for the rest of their lives. But he wasn't happy. He was quite cranky. He'd fall asleep and only to wake up ten minutes later. He would be pretty okay if you carried him, but if you put him down, he'd cry. I guessed that he was just a big suck. On his way to being a Mama's boy.

Night times have been bad too. I started noticing that every night at around 9, no matter if he was awake or sleeping, he'd start crying and be hard to console. I'd be able to get to sleep after some serious work, and be finally relieved that he was sleeping, but just like the daytime: I'd put him down only for him to wake again. He settle down if I had him in the babysling, but he would never really sleep until it was well past 10 o'clock. And at this point, I had been carrying him for two hours. This was particularly frustrating because 1, he is so heavy. He must be well past 12 pounds now, and 2, Sofia really wants to be with me at night. She doesn't settle down well if I don't tuck her in and do the nighttime routine with her, which I do want to do... It's just hard when two kids need me simultaneously.

I accepted the fact that I had a mildly colicky baby on my hands. I say, "mildly" because I personally know mothers who have had to deal with "real" colicky babies that cry every night for four to six hours, for four to six months. They admit they have feelings of wanting to throw the baby out of the window. It is extremely trying. I can't even imagine the stress and sadness that would "mildly" colicky baby is stressful enough. But the end of the evening, I was beat and knew that I had to wake again in a few hours to feed him.

However, I don't give up easily, so I kept in the back of my mind, perhaps there is something that I am eating that is really bothering him. Although most sites say that mothers can eat whatever and whenever they want and that there is no real evidence that anything transfers through to the breast milk, and that if a mother notices that there is a food that causes fussiness then just avoid it. I couldn't think of anything... I was staying away from broccoli, spicy foods (BOO), eggs, and even celery. I couldn't think of anything else. That is, until I was searching the internet to see if any sites had mentioned that celery is a common culprit. I found on that a small amount of babies are actually very sensitive to what is in their mother's diet and the most common culprit is cow's milk. MILK?! I was convinced that this was it. I did notice that early on, when Joaquín was about two weeks old that whenever I didn't have milk that he'd be a lot better in the evenings. But that phase passed and he was great for a few weeks. But since the difficult days and nights have started, I am positive that I have been having ice cream for dessert every night, and who knows how many different foods I have been eating during the day with milk in it.

So on Sunday I watched EVERYTHING I ate and made sure that there was no milk in it. On Monday, Joaquín was the dream-child that Sofia was. Back to sleeping all day and at night, fell asleep and STAYED asleep. Poor thing. I felt so bad that what I was eating was bugging him, but then again, it's not like I knew what was going on. Today was pretty okay - I ate some pasta salad that I think maybe had some parmesan on it, and he was not happy in the afternoon. But I was successful in avoiding milk for the rest of the day, and although he was tough in the early evening, I gave him a dose of gripe water and he fell asleep tonight at around 8:30 and has stayed sleep since. Funny, says that I may not notice improvement immediately. Thankfully this is not the case.

I am so relieved that it is now figured out. I will have to avoid it for the next few weeks and try again then to see if his sensitivity is still there. I am obviously happy for myself, that I have my evenings back – but I am especially happy that my baby is no longer in any pain.

Aside from that, what Joaquín is up to:
  • He is doing awesome at tummytime. I'm sure you've seen a baby's head flopping around because they have absolutely no control. The purpose of tummy time is help develop and strengthen a baby's neck muscles. Sofia couldn't lift her head up even an inch when I started working with her at around this same time. Joaquín has had no problem. The photo above is the second time I have ever put him on his tummy.

  • Joaquín is following my face when I move side to side.
  • He is so ticklish. But the laughing isn't there yet.

  • He is SO stinky! Is this a boy thing? After a bath, the wonderful baby smell only lasts until the end of the day.

  • He can sleep anywhere between 5 hours to 7 hours straight a night. The stretch is slowly growing.

Over these past few weeks, it has been brought into sharp focus how fortunate I am that I have so much help and support around me. I have my husband obviously, but I also have my father and my mother since we live altogether. My father regularly takes care of dinner. My mother helps me in anyway she can -- particularly with entertaining Sofia so I can concentrate on Joaquín when he needs me. I really don't know how every other mother does it since I know that I don't have the typical arrangement. I am REALLY grateful for them.


  1. I am SO happy that you got the diet thing figured out! I wish i had been that fortunate!! :P

    As for the awesomeness of help from family, I cannot agree MORE! they are truly God send!! :)

  2. I LOVE HIM!
    i'm glad he's better.
    also, i wish i lived closer to help with more of the every day things . . .

  3. Sarah was Colicky...4-6 hours every night for the first 3.5 months. I'm happy you don't have to deal with that.

    My nephew (born 2 months after Sarah) is allergic to milk and eggs. My sister is happy to have that figured out finally (she found out after an allergist appointment a month ago).

    It definitely would be nice to have family around especially at times like this.

    I enjoy reading your blog, even though I don't comment much. :-)


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