Sunday, May 30, 2010

This year has been a good, good year. A LOT of change happened. I think that is probably the thing that marked my life the most: change. I experienced a lot of new things and got to do a lot of new things so it was pretty exciting. Of course, difficult at times, but I'm a sucker for suffering.

This year I was a working mom for the first time. Work has been very kind to me. I didn't go back to full time work, cutting back my week to four days instead of five, and working half in the office, and half at home. While working at home sounds nice, it actually brings MAJOR challenges, like, learning to design something while a one-year old is standing behind you in your chair with her arms wringing your neck. Proof reading is even tougher this way. My best days were when I would wake at 5:30 am to get some hours in before she woke up at 9, don't work at all while she was awake, and get the rest of the hours in when she was napping in the afternoon. However, 5:30 is really not natural for a Lim to be awake at, so this didn't happen too often although the intention is always there...

I went to my first work conference. We traveled to Chicago for the Willow Creek Arts Conference. That was mind-blowing. It really showed all the possibilities that can be accomplished "even though" we're a church. Sometimes I think that kind of thinking holds my creativity back; the thought that things have to be a certain way because that is what church is like, although perhaps I have never put it in so many words.

This year we bought a house. We know NOTHING about buying a house, or owning a house. Both my parents and my husband's parents are renters so we have absolutely no background knowledge. Thank the Lord for the internet and for knowledgeable, kind and generous friends who DO know about home ownership. Otherwise, we'd be up Crap Creek. I learned about mortgages, MLS, bidding, home inspections, lawyers, house closings, mortgage insurance, title insurance, home insurance, all that stinkin' paperwork, property taxes, utilities, moving in way too little time, renovations...and other stuff, I'm sure. Now, we own a house without having to move out of the city and in a great neighbourhood. I still often sit back and think about the fact that I am now a home owner and shake my head in disbelief.

My little sister got married. I got my first brother-in-law. It was the first time I was ever a maid/matron-of-honour. I threw my first wedding shower. That was one nice wedding!

This year I went to Chile for the first time. It was also the first time I had met any of my husband's family outside of his immediate. That was an incredibly memorable experience. It was awesome traveling with Ana and Joseph (my husband's sister and brother-in-law) and getting to know them better too. I was seven months pregnant then with no summer maternity clothes and somehow Ana would hook me up although she is tiny and has never been pregnant herself. She had clothes for every situation! I only wish that the trip were longer so that we could experience more of the city, but the most important thing was that I got to know Gonzalo's family there. Now, we have Facebook and they leave all these comments in Spanish which I have to get translated all the time. Can't wait to go back.

We bought our first new car in preparation needing a more reliable car for the new baby coming (at the time). Now we have a shiny black Matrix. Even with all the Toyota bad press, we love it.

And on March 25, being a mother for the second time. God blessed us with another baby. A baby boy this time. Honestly, I hoped that I would have another girl. Gonzalo only honestly told me yesterday that he also had hoped for a girl also. I know that my reason for wanting another girl is because I know NOTHING about raising a boy. I am girl and have two sisters and have a daughter... My PARENTS can't even give me advice about raising a boy! Nothing about peeing-in-the-face prevention. About whether to circumcise, or not to circumcise. Why boys are stinkier than girls. I guess it's that I know what it is to have a girl and I love Sofia so I wanted to have that all over again. BUT NOW, I AM (well, WE are) SO HAPPY THAT WE HAVE A BOY. It's weird...like, gender would even make a difference. I know that if I had a girl, I'd be so happy. I have boy, and I AM so happy. It's really got nothing to do about gender, but the fact that I have a healthy, (mostly) happy baby in my arms. What more could I ask for?

It has been a full, full year overflowing with God's blessings. Looking forward to this year, I can only be sure that it might actually be crazier (children have a habit of turning your life upside down). A thank you to everyone who surrounds me and my family with such love and friendship -- I am grateful for what you bring to my life. Can't wait to see what 31 brings.

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