Joaquín: One Month

Monday, April 26, 2010

And there it went: the first month with Joaquín. And yes, it definitely went by fast. I certainly could not have asked for a better first month. Joaquín certainly has his fussy times and tough times in the middle of the night, but that is certainly to be expected. However, for the most part, he just slept the first month away. Some days, I don't think that I saw his eyes open at all!

Since his last weigh in a couple of weeks ago, he has gained a ridiculous two and half pounds - now, at 11 pounds and 5 ounces. My doctor couldn't believe it so he weighed him twice. Apparently with my children, my doctor is always asking me what I am feeding them. I guess I produce some kind of breastmilk concentrate.

Compared to Sofia, Joaquín is one fast nurser. I remember with Sofia, every feeding would take at least an hour. After diapering, feeding her the instructed twenty minutes on each side, burping, and not to mention, the constant task of trying to wake Sofia to get to drink (blowing on her, stripping her down to her diaper, rubbing her hands and feet, tickling her, etc.), it would definitely be an hour. And she fed every two and half hours. With Joaquín, he's done feeding and burping in about twenty minutes. And he is fed about every three hours - although sometimes I have to wake him. I am really happy that less of my time is taken up with breastfeeding because with Sofia I felt like that was all I was ever doing. I already have one kid, and so I am happy that I do have more time between feedings to spend time with her, or accomplish other things around the house (which is often not very much).

Now, diapering is the real challenge! I am a lot better now, but the peeing everywhere takes some getting used to. One of the first days he was home, I was changing him in the livingroom, and he managed to pee himself in the face. First few weeks, we were going through four sleepers or more because I just couldn't find a way to keep him from peeing when I opened the diaper. Now, when I go to diaper him, I have the new diaper unfolded. I have the barrier cream uncovered. I have the extra paper towels torn off the roll. I have the wipes box open. And then race against time begins. But, even worse than the urine sprinkler is the massive amounts of poo that can come out of that butt. A RIVER OF POO flows out of him at times, and it won't stop. No diaper on earth can keep it from flowing everywhere. I have developed the technique of laying down layers and layers of paper towel to absorb it and now I am more successful than not at keeping his clothes unsoiled. Gee, boys are a lot harder than girls in this area.

Now that he has gained a significant amount of weight I have been looking forward to seeing how his sleeping patterns will change (i.e., SLEEPING THE NIGHT). For those without children, newborns feed around the clock without regard of day or night. Every three hours is every three hours whether the sun or the moon is out. Because their tummies are so small (about the size of a chickpea apparently), they can only hold so much "fuel". They need to refill often. But when they start to get enough calories during the day, they will not look for it during the night. And last night, I am pleased to announce, that he slept a stretch of six hours. I woke up deliriously happy. Think: since he was born, at night, all I have had are a series of naps. We'll see how he does tonight.

Randoms about Joaquín:

• He is a smiley kid. I realize that smiling at this very early stage is completely
involuntary, but when I look down and he is smiling after his nursing session, I can't help but feel happy too! The other morning, when he slept while I held him, he was laughing. Laughing like someone told him a joke. It'll be ironic if he grows up to be a grump.

• He has a wicked temper. I change his diaper before nursing time. I made the mistake a couple of times of not changing him before eating time and diaper overflowed. But this means a few more minutes before he gets to eat. He'll cry until he is purple from head to toe. He is the Incredible Hulk - just a different hue.

• Over the last few days he has started cooing. It is refreshing to hear his voice. It is nice to hear his voice in a form that is not delivered in a shriek.

So it has been a really nice month. I have had so much help from my parents, my husband and my sisters. Plus, Joaquín being the second time around does make it easier. Just the fact that I don't feel like they are going to break, or they are going to die, if I don't deal with a situation as swiftly or as correctly as possible, sure takes the pressure off, and eases the stress. I sure am still tired, but I haven't even come close to a middle-of-the-night breakdown, like I have had when Sofia was only a month old. It has been sure nice.


  1. Great post Kathy! Soundsblike you have quite the little man. I am sorry to hear diaper time is such an event! Neither of my boys peed more than once, with Cayleb currently still in diapers, while being changed. Perhaps when our little girl arrives in July I'll have a new challange on my hands!

  2. very cool to hear Kathy, from "not a parent". sounds like you're doing a good job. I hope to meet him one day.

  3. Awe, Kathy! What a great post. You're such a great Mommy! I can totally identify with you and the long feeding times for the first kid - Liesl would feed for about an hour too! Glad he's being quicker about it :).
    Enjoy every moment... And, I can't wait to meet Joaquin too!

  4. I'm not sick anymore, coming to visit pee-boy soon! I'll bring a raincoat.


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