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Friday, March 19, 2010

What a relief. I managed to finish up my work week without going into labour. And it was a nice last day too. I managed to finish most of my work yesterday and so everything I did today was just to tie up the little things. I never wrote so many instructions and memos and lists and charts and things that I hope help draw the big picture with some details to help that person understand what it is that is my job who is replacing me for the year. The depressing thing about all that preparation is the thought there is a high probability that there are things that I have totally forgot about.

So having finished all of that yesterday I was able to enjoy a nice lunch with the MAM team at one of my favourite restaurants: Asian Legend.

It was surreal leaving work today, with a little reusable bag with the personal items from my office like two pictures of Sofia and a plant. I won't be going back for an entire year again. Like, really? I had a really great year too which will obviously make me miss it all the more.

Well, it looks like tomorrow won't be real vacation day where we'll be going out and having fun 'cause Sofia had a fever tonight and last night. I'll have to watch how she is tomorrow and hopefully we can get some fresh air even if we can't get a whole outing in.

Now it's just waiting it out. At least now I can be positive that I won't be going into labour at the office. That is an awkward scene that I'd rather completely avoid.

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  1. congratulations, cathy! what a load off your mind.


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