One down, three to go

Monday, March 15, 2010

In this final work week before I go on one week vacation (that is, if the baby doesn't have plans to come out early), and then on maternity leave I have got three days left. I got a mail drop completed today, a chunk of the Easter program completed, and all my routine work for Monday done.

Today we moved Sofia into her new room to vacate her old one so we can revert it back into the nursery. She was ridiculously excited about it, so much so that I think she got so worked up that she can't sleep now. Well, it's hard to tell whether it is that or maybe the time change that happened yesterday. Or both. Well, it IS 11 pm now. I'd like to be abpe to have just a little time to myself without having to stay up until 2 am.

Tomorrow I get to actually go to the office and work with my co-workers for the second last time. Too bad my nose is probably going to be too close to the grind to hang with any of them too much. At least we have a support team lunch tomorrow so we'll have facetime then.

Yup. Too excited to sleep. Sofia came out three times while I was writing this in addition to the already four times before that. She usually only comes out once these days.

Here's to taking another day "one day at a time".

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