First day of mat leave

Monday, March 22, 2010

painted nails, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

Well, technically, I am on vacation. I am taking up my left over vacation until this baby comes and then I will be on maternity leave officially. Unfortunately, Sofia is sick so I couldn't do much on the first day of my mat leave that would drag her all over the city on these few newborn-less days that I will have, but that's alright.

It was a nice feeling to just hang with Sofia today, and not right away pile up on my to-do list. Over the weekend I did chip away on a few more things (laundering the newborn clothes, re-organizing the nursery), but today was just going to be a bonding day. Well, bonding right now is more of a necessity anyway 'cause a few nights last week she has had a fever, but now it has turned into congestion. There's nothing like a sick child that will make a mother drop everything else that she has going on to turn full attention to making them feel better. I gave her a long bath which got rid of a lot, trimmed her nails and then decided to PAINT THEM.

Yeah...I'm not really one to do ridiculously girlie stuff to Sofia. I hate Barbies, princesses, castles, pink, glitter and nasty stuff like that mostly because I don't want my daughter(s) to be prissy. Prissy = annoying. Where grown women just can't deal with their day 'cause they chipped a nail. And YES it starts with a single Barbie.

Anyway, painting her toenails is something I have wanted to do a long time but unfortunately, it does fall into the prissy-fying category. I decided to throw care to the wind 'cause HECK! Sofia is sick! and I'm on mat leave and these few days I AM GOING TO ENJOY THEM before the NEWBORN TAKES OVER OUR LIVES ALL OVER AGAIN!


  1. Liesl loves getting her toenails painted... but then I like doing girlie things with her. She likes being a "princess"... :) Anyway, enjoy these last few days sans two children... And can't wait to hear about your new little one!

  2. You've inspired me to paint my own toenails :)
    Very cute!
    I like that you don't subscribe to the 'girly' thing, but sometimes you just have to!


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