Like, seriously, where is this baby?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight I was hoping that I'd go into labour. It's a little more tricky this time: last time, I just had myself to worry about - but this time, if I go into labour, depending on who is with me at the time, who is going to take care of Sofia? Most times it'll be okay. Gwa-Kong and Gwa-Ma are around most of the time. But what if I go into labour tomorrow morning? It's just me and Sofia. I guess Gonz could make it home in about 20 minutes or so... Okay, maybe no reason to panic. But still, going into labour tonight would have been convenient, and plus, I want to meet this kid!

Got an appointment with the OB/GYN tomorrow. We'll see what he says...

First day of mat leave

Monday, March 22, 2010

painted nails, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

Well, technically, I am on vacation. I am taking up my left over vacation until this baby comes and then I will be on maternity leave officially. Unfortunately, Sofia is sick so I couldn't do much on the first day of my mat leave that would drag her all over the city on these few newborn-less days that I will have, but that's alright.

It was a nice feeling to just hang with Sofia today, and not right away pile up on my to-do list. Over the weekend I did chip away on a few more things (laundering the newborn clothes, re-organizing the nursery), but today was just going to be a bonding day. Well, bonding right now is more of a necessity anyway 'cause a few nights last week she has had a fever, but now it has turned into congestion. There's nothing like a sick child that will make a mother drop everything else that she has going on to turn full attention to making them feel better. I gave her a long bath which got rid of a lot, trimmed her nails and then decided to PAINT THEM.

Yeah...I'm not really one to do ridiculously girlie stuff to Sofia. I hate Barbies, princesses, castles, pink, glitter and nasty stuff like that mostly because I don't want my daughter(s) to be prissy. Prissy = annoying. Where grown women just can't deal with their day 'cause they chipped a nail. And YES it starts with a single Barbie.

Anyway, painting her toenails is something I have wanted to do a long time but unfortunately, it does fall into the prissy-fying category. I decided to throw care to the wind 'cause HECK! Sofia is sick! and I'm on mat leave and these few days I AM GOING TO ENJOY THEM before the NEWBORN TAKES OVER OUR LIVES ALL OVER AGAIN!

Successfully wrapped up

Friday, March 19, 2010

What a relief. I managed to finish up my work week without going into labour. And it was a nice last day too. I managed to finish most of my work yesterday and so everything I did today was just to tie up the little things. I never wrote so many instructions and memos and lists and charts and things that I hope help draw the big picture with some details to help that person understand what it is that is my job who is replacing me for the year. The depressing thing about all that preparation is the thought there is a high probability that there are things that I have totally forgot about.

So having finished all of that yesterday I was able to enjoy a nice lunch with the MAM team at one of my favourite restaurants: Asian Legend.

It was surreal leaving work today, with a little reusable bag with the personal items from my office like two pictures of Sofia and a plant. I won't be going back for an entire year again. Like, really? I had a really great year too which will obviously make me miss it all the more.

Well, it looks like tomorrow won't be real vacation day where we'll be going out and having fun 'cause Sofia had a fever tonight and last night. I'll have to watch how she is tomorrow and hopefully we can get some fresh air even if we can't get a whole outing in.

Now it's just waiting it out. At least now I can be positive that I won't be going into labour at the office. That is an awkward scene that I'd rather completely avoid.

On the eve

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am here on the eve of leaving my workplace for a year. I am a bit excited. I am a bit sad. I am ALL anticipation.

What I am so excited about is being able to be one thing: a mom. First and foremost. As crazy as it can still be - a toddler and a newborn together... I am looking forward to a year without due dates and deadlines (except to get my children (!) into scheduled doctor's appointments). Although I thrive on deadlines and to-do lists, I know that it's really good for me. I can be a little bit too much of a Type A to slow down and step back. I find that having children really does this for me. Really paying attention to Sofia makes me appreciate so much about life and all of God's blessings that flow in (and hopefully out) of my house on a second-by-second basis. To not notice this would really be a tragedy.

It is amazing to think that I've been back at work for nearly a full year and three months. It really has flown by. It was really great to come back to work after maternity leave to a department. A department? Yes, a department...that had other people in it. Before I left for maternity leave, for five years I worked in a "department" that had one person in it: me. I used to joke about it all the time, but really, it's been great to work with a mini-powerhouse team. Yeah, that's us: MAM. I am really going to miss being part of the creative whirlwind that happens every week.

So, it's with bittersweetness that I move into this chunk of time of my (and my family's) life. I am going to, like I did last time, make a list of things that I'd like to accomplish that I could not otherwise if I didn't have these wonderful 52 weeks off. Like taking up reading again. Really jumping into photography again (even if the subject is just my kids). A new one: working on the garden, now that I am in a house. This year can hold so much possibility, not just growing as mom, but as a person...which makes me a better mom.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of a lot of little things. Wrapping up the details and making sure that I don't just leave something hanging. Well, it can't be worse than the first time around where Sofia had me leave work 16 days early and NOTHING was prepared for. I thought honestly that I would have at least 16 more days to work and maybe even more since statistically the first born is usually late.

Well, I should turn in 'cause I want to get to work as early as possible so I can make sure that I get everything in and not have to SEND myself into labour by running like a crazy person.

Baby, one more day, just hang on one more day...

One down, three to go

Monday, March 15, 2010

In this final work week before I go on one week vacation (that is, if the baby doesn't have plans to come out early), and then on maternity leave I have got three days left. I got a mail drop completed today, a chunk of the Easter program completed, and all my routine work for Monday done.

Today we moved Sofia into her new room to vacate her old one so we can revert it back into the nursery. She was ridiculously excited about it, so much so that I think she got so worked up that she can't sleep now. Well, it's hard to tell whether it is that or maybe the time change that happened yesterday. Or both. Well, it IS 11 pm now. I'd like to be abpe to have just a little time to myself without having to stay up until 2 am.

Tomorrow I get to actually go to the office and work with my co-workers for the second last time. Too bad my nose is probably going to be too close to the grind to hang with any of them too much. At least we have a support team lunch tomorrow so we'll have facetime then.

Yup. Too excited to sleep. Sofia came out three times while I was writing this in addition to the already four times before that. She usually only comes out once these days.

Here's to taking another day "one day at a time".

Final Stretch

It's funny... I was at church this morning, which is not the service that we usually attend. We usually attend the Saturday night service due to hubby's schedule although most of the friends I grew up with are all at Sunday morning. Anyway, so I see a good chunk of them and all of them were convinced that I was WAY past my due date. And we figured it was because I had posted on FB that I was full-term. Full term, for those who don't know, is considered when the mother has carried the baby to 37 weeks. Due dates are calculated at 40 weeks. So this 37 to 40 window is when it's "normal" to expect the baby to come out and play.

So, I have been full-term since Saturday, March 6. And since then I've been a bit nervous..."Could it be today? Tomorrow...?" The first time around, I was naturally much more naive and had assumed that I'd hit my due date or go over, especially since most first time pregnancies are late. Nope, not Sofia. She thought it sounded far too exciting outside.

This week is my final week of work. I then take one week off of vacation and then my due date hits (Saturday, March 27). I am hoping that we can make it until Thursday - my last day. I would love to just leave work left in a nice, neat little package for whoever is (or, all of those people who are) taking over for me. Last time was no where near prepared. Sofia had arrived 16 days early, and the to-do list was VERY long. If I can make it until Thursday, I have a very good shot of actually getting everything done that I need to get done.

I'm feeling pretty good. Can't complain. The aches that I was feeling a couple of weeks ago kinda disappeared. I am feeling less tired. Apparently these are some of the symptoms that labour is close. Well, we'll see what happens.

New Toy

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

And tonight I play with my new iPod touch! I am looking forward to this little piece of equipment enriching my soon-to-be maternity leave life.

The best part: it was free. Thanks Airmiles!