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Saturday, February 06, 2010

On this gorgeous sunny Saturday, in the morning, my father, Sofia and I decided that we'd go and hang out. We went to see if we could pick up something that my mother requested, and upon failing that (sold out all over the city), we ended up at the Walmart. We were there early enough that it didn't totally tick me off - and I like Walmart for the same reason why I love Winners... it's so random. Especially with a little one, it's nice to not have to bundle and re-bundle them over and over and over again and buckle and re-buckle them into their car-seats to go to other stores. It's all in one place. So, while we were there, Sofia asked to go see the fish, but unfortunately, on the way to the fish, we had to pass by the toy section. Good thing is that we weren't on a mission, so we just let her see whatever she wanted. We did eventually get to the fish section and while my dad and Sofia were checking out the sparse selection, we wandered the pet section and found some bird feeders.

My dad and I have been talking about getting a bird feeder for sometime, particularly for Sofia to be able to check out some wildlife in our backyard. In the warm weather, we'd see a lot more roaming around - normal stuff like squirrels and birds, but even rarer ones like rabbits - but since the cold weather settled in, we'll get a random cat and that's it. One fun thing is that we can spot tracks in what snow and guess what we've got back there.

Getting a bird feeder is never really in someone's priority list, so even though we've talked about it several times, we never actually got it. But today, we did! I'm really excited to see what comes to feed. All day we've been checking to see if anything is coming around. My dad keeps asking why nothing is coming to eat at it yet. All I can keep thinking of comparing it to is that it's like you have to wait for a new domain name to propagate.

I'm such a internet loser.

Well, when the news is out among the bird gangs that the Lim-Jim home is where to get the goods, I hope to take some photos of what we spot!

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  1. Internet USER. Internet user ;)
    Can't wait to see pics!

    Keith and I really want to get a hummingbird feeder if we ever have a house or a low balcony.


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