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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today turned out to be a super-fun day. It was one of those days that everything came together easily although there were one thousand moving parts. And the fact that I had been up since 4 am (okay, okay, I ran out of steam before I left for work and ended up taking a one hour nap before leaving...which then, again, made me late for work).

One fun thing I did today was shoot a video with my husband and with my friend, Danian. The video is to promote our senior pastor's new Easter message series. Poor guy, we had Danian climbing up snowy hills and struggle the slippery slopes in Converse and bare hands. Great actors really are such troopers. He was obviously so cold, but just kept going -- take after take. I think that we came up with some great footage today. I'm excited to design the mail drop that will be going into many homes in just a few weeks.

It's fun to work with my husband. He has taught me to be so visual, and to tell stories, and to convey emotion so that others can feel it too. Fortunately, we actually fight less when we work together than in regular, daily life. :-)

Got home, Gonz and Danian went to review the footage, Joseph arrived to kill time between leaving work and his night class. We had a nice time hanging out and attempting to buy a toilet. Joseph is the kind of guy that chases a deal hard.

Joseph eats and runs ('cause he has gotta get to his class on time) and my dad and I and Sofia are enjoying dinner (Gonz went off to a production meeting at church), and my dad asks me to tell Matt that his throat still isn't that good and won't be able to make it to rehearsal...which then reminded me that I HAD TO GO TO REHEARSAL TONIGHT. I completely forgot. My dad is like, "How can you forget that?" DAD. I AM 36 WEEKS PREGNANT, WITH ONLY 3 HOURS OF SLEEP. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

I made it to rehearsal 10 minutes late. Not so bad although I hate to be late -- especially for rehearsals and everyone is waiting on you. It's not like I play the flute. I PLAY THE PIANO. I might as well be the drums. Rehearsal without drums really BLOW. Anyway, the choir song sounds cool without being too hard so I could just enjoy it without being too stressy. I even get to play with Margaret this weekend - which I haven't done in a long, long while. AND she made banana cake with frosting for the rehearsal. Another super big bonus.

Sofia's off to bed when I get home, and I'm sitting in bed just finishing up the weekend's Keynote presentation. As I was typing the last slide, my eyes were starting to cross. I haven't actually been this sleepy in a long time. Sure, I've been tired... but not sleepy (and that isn't the same to me, somehow). And what's awesome is that I get to go to bed feeling that today was a very well used day.

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