Chile and the earthquake

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have been really looking forward today. I haven't seen my sister Christine since December 27. It's the longest I have been away from her -- so today was a big day on the calendar.

But today became a big day for another reason. As we were eating breakfast, my mother-in-law calls and tells us that there has been a massive earthquake that has hit Chile -- from a bit north of Santiago, the capital, all the way down to Antarctica. Most of the family was accounted for, but we didn't know about Tia Monica and Tia Sandra. We immediately prayed for them.

Gonzo's been the computer all day, corresponding with his cousin's boyfriend (he lives in Santiago) who has really been so well connected with all of the family there. Our family there have lost power so we can't reach them. Nelson has been so great updating his Facebook status so that we can stay on top of how everyone is doing. (ANOTHER REASON WHY I LOVE FACEBOOK).

I really can't believe that we were in Chile a month and a week ago. While we were there, Gonzo would point out all the ways that the buildings were prepared for earthquakes. Unbelievable to think that we'd see all that architectural planning in action so soon.

As today progressed we were starting to hear more and more how the more remote areas of Chile were faring. The worst we have heard now that there is a possibility of an island off the coast of Chile that its entire population may be completely lost. That is just unbelievable. I was just hoping that although 8.8 is a pretty powerful earthquake (it is the seventh most powerful earthquake in recorded history) that perhaps Chile was so well prepared that they would escape fairly well. I can only hope that we have heard the worst...

It has been amazing how many people have contacted us today to see if all of our family is okay. My cousin called from Woodbridge, my uncle called from Jersey, Gonzo's manager at work, the leader at the indoor soccer get together at church, friends from church... It's so nice to be thought of. Thanks everyone.

Well, we've had a really nice day with Christine hearing about her trip and getting lots of presents and time together. And, we have since heard that Tia Monica and Tia Sandra are fine. Just without power. So happy that all of the family is okay...but I really want everyone else, who is someone's family, to be okay too.


  1. Thanks for the update...I was thinking of you guys today. So happy to hear that everyone is ok

  2. I was JUST writing an email to you and Gonz.
    I'm glad I checked this. Thank you for updating. I was thinking of you guys today...and that's pretty much what my email said.
    Love you.

  3. Thought I'd let you know it brought tears of joy to my eyes as I read that your family is alright. :)

  4. thank god! and thanks for posting...

  5. was thinking of you and your family as I heard the news and the updates. Having just got in from vacation today I thought I'd email you but I found your post first. Thanks for sharing. I'm continuing to hold Chile and Haiti in prayer. Glad to hear your family is safe.


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