Chile and the earthquake

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have been really looking forward today. I haven't seen my sister Christine since December 27. It's the longest I have been away from her -- so today was a big day on the calendar.

But today became a big day for another reason. As we were eating breakfast, my mother-in-law calls and tells us that there has been a massive earthquake that has hit Chile -- from a bit north of Santiago, the capital, all the way down to Antarctica. Most of the family was accounted for, but we didn't know about Tia Monica and Tia Sandra. We immediately prayed for them.

Gonzo's been the computer all day, corresponding with his cousin's boyfriend (he lives in Santiago) who has really been so well connected with all of the family there. Our family there have lost power so we can't reach them. Nelson has been so great updating his Facebook status so that we can stay on top of how everyone is doing. (ANOTHER REASON WHY I LOVE FACEBOOK).

I really can't believe that we were in Chile a month and a week ago. While we were there, Gonzo would point out all the ways that the buildings were prepared for earthquakes. Unbelievable to think that we'd see all that architectural planning in action so soon.

As today progressed we were starting to hear more and more how the more remote areas of Chile were faring. The worst we have heard now that there is a possibility of an island off the coast of Chile that its entire population may be completely lost. That is just unbelievable. I was just hoping that although 8.8 is a pretty powerful earthquake (it is the seventh most powerful earthquake in recorded history) that perhaps Chile was so well prepared that they would escape fairly well. I can only hope that we have heard the worst...

It has been amazing how many people have contacted us today to see if all of our family is okay. My cousin called from Woodbridge, my uncle called from Jersey, Gonzo's manager at work, the leader at the indoor soccer get together at church, friends from church... It's so nice to be thought of. Thanks everyone.

Well, we've had a really nice day with Christine hearing about her trip and getting lots of presents and time together. And, we have since heard that Tia Monica and Tia Sandra are fine. Just without power. So happy that all of the family is okay...but I really want everyone else, who is someone's family, to be okay too.

Full, full day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today turned out to be a super-fun day. It was one of those days that everything came together easily although there were one thousand moving parts. And the fact that I had been up since 4 am (okay, okay, I ran out of steam before I left for work and ended up taking a one hour nap before leaving...which then, again, made me late for work).

One fun thing I did today was shoot a video with my husband and with my friend, Danian. The video is to promote our senior pastor's new Easter message series. Poor guy, we had Danian climbing up snowy hills and struggle the slippery slopes in Converse and bare hands. Great actors really are such troopers. He was obviously so cold, but just kept going -- take after take. I think that we came up with some great footage today. I'm excited to design the mail drop that will be going into many homes in just a few weeks.

It's fun to work with my husband. He has taught me to be so visual, and to tell stories, and to convey emotion so that others can feel it too. Fortunately, we actually fight less when we work together than in regular, daily life. :-)

Got home, Gonz and Danian went to review the footage, Joseph arrived to kill time between leaving work and his night class. We had a nice time hanging out and attempting to buy a toilet. Joseph is the kind of guy that chases a deal hard.

Joseph eats and runs ('cause he has gotta get to his class on time) and my dad and I and Sofia are enjoying dinner (Gonz went off to a production meeting at church), and my dad asks me to tell Matt that his throat still isn't that good and won't be able to make it to rehearsal...which then reminded me that I HAD TO GO TO REHEARSAL TONIGHT. I completely forgot. My dad is like, "How can you forget that?" DAD. I AM 36 WEEKS PREGNANT, WITH ONLY 3 HOURS OF SLEEP. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

I made it to rehearsal 10 minutes late. Not so bad although I hate to be late -- especially for rehearsals and everyone is waiting on you. It's not like I play the flute. I PLAY THE PIANO. I might as well be the drums. Rehearsal without drums really BLOW. Anyway, the choir song sounds cool without being too hard so I could just enjoy it without being too stressy. I even get to play with Margaret this weekend - which I haven't done in a long, long while. AND she made banana cake with frosting for the rehearsal. Another super big bonus.

Sofia's off to bed when I get home, and I'm sitting in bed just finishing up the weekend's Keynote presentation. As I was typing the last slide, my eyes were starting to cross. I haven't actually been this sleepy in a long time. Sure, I've been tired... but not sleepy (and that isn't the same to me, somehow). And what's awesome is that I get to go to bed feeling that today was a very well used day.

Sofia! Let me sleep!

It is so weird. I have totally read and heard lots of stories about this: the strange behaviour of the first born when the arrival of the second born is imminent.

Over the last few weeks, Sofia has started to wake up in the middle of the night INSISTING that she wants to sleep in our bed. Sometimes up to three and five times a night. Last night - four. In fact, it started at 4 am, and I'm usually good at falling back asleep. But after waking me up four times after that, I was staring at the ceiling. So, here I am at 7 am finished my breakfast and answering work emails. I know that at about 11 am, I'll be asleep at my desk.

Like, how the heck do they know? Sofia cannot possibly even understand what it might mean to have another whole human being living here starting in a few weeks and what kind of upside-down-ness the 7 or 8 pounder might cause. Most adults, until experiencing it first hand, cannot imagine the change in life -- not necessarily all bad -- will happen when a newborn comes home. I am trying my best to have good, devoted hang time with Sofia every day, regardless of how tired I am. So what is making her really act up? I think that my huge belly is more of a funny point to her, rather than something that signals impending change.

Anyway, I'm bracing myself for the big, fat transition. My mother keeps reassuring me, "At least you'll have lots of help!" Which is completely and absolutely true. I am definitely spoiled on that side of things.

My mother in-law called me up yesterday, insisting that she come and help me set up Sofia's new room. I don't know what is wrong with me...even when I really could use the help, and I am in the position to even WANT the help, I can't even think about how to accept it. Well, my in-laws certainly know this so they just basically announced that they're coming over on Friday to take care of whatever needs to be done to make HER granddaughter's room her new little nighttime home. I'm excited to see that room together. I wonder if Sofia is going to transition well... or just plain old freak out. Instead of coming to my bed 4 times a night, it'll be 11.

Well, since I'm up, I might as well try and get to work on time. As much as having another child has its challenges, I am ridiculously excited to see who is coming along next to join us in our family.

no words.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hoping to make some feathered friends...

Saturday, February 06, 2010

On this gorgeous sunny Saturday, in the morning, my father, Sofia and I decided that we'd go and hang out. We went to see if we could pick up something that my mother requested, and upon failing that (sold out all over the city), we ended up at the Walmart. We were there early enough that it didn't totally tick me off - and I like Walmart for the same reason why I love Winners... it's so random. Especially with a little one, it's nice to not have to bundle and re-bundle them over and over and over again and buckle and re-buckle them into their car-seats to go to other stores. It's all in one place. So, while we were there, Sofia asked to go see the fish, but unfortunately, on the way to the fish, we had to pass by the toy section. Good thing is that we weren't on a mission, so we just let her see whatever she wanted. We did eventually get to the fish section and while my dad and Sofia were checking out the sparse selection, we wandered the pet section and found some bird feeders.

My dad and I have been talking about getting a bird feeder for sometime, particularly for Sofia to be able to check out some wildlife in our backyard. In the warm weather, we'd see a lot more roaming around - normal stuff like squirrels and birds, but even rarer ones like rabbits - but since the cold weather settled in, we'll get a random cat and that's it. One fun thing is that we can spot tracks in what snow and guess what we've got back there.

Getting a bird feeder is never really in someone's priority list, so even though we've talked about it several times, we never actually got it. But today, we did! I'm really excited to see what comes to feed. All day we've been checking to see if anything is coming around. My dad keeps asking why nothing is coming to eat at it yet. All I can keep thinking of comparing it to is that it's like you have to wait for a new domain name to propagate.

I'm such a internet loser.

Well, when the news is out among the bird gangs that the Lim-Jim home is where to get the goods, I hope to take some photos of what we spot!