She's getting...expressive.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today, at the store, Gonzalo and I went to buy a box of cookies. When we rounded the corner and Sofia saw the entire aisle stocked with various cookies, she said, "Oh goodness!"

Family Trip to Chile

Friday, January 22, 2010

I finally went to Chile. After many attempts derailed by various reasons (not enough money, having a baby when family was going to go down, bad timing etc.), I finally got to meet the country and family behind my husband.

We had an amazing time. Honestly, it was hard to get the finances together to make the trip happen, but I knew it was a trip that we just could not miss, especially now that Sofia is born. It's really important to me that Sofia knows as much family as she can possibly know. My parents did that for me by traveling to the Philippines every four years, and now I have relationships with relatives oceans away. Anyway, like I've said before, this year was a really big year: my sister got married, we bought a house, we bought a car... things that all needed to happen - and I'm still happy they did. They just made it tight to squeeze one more major thing in: a huge family trip down to South America. But God brought lots of freelance my way from September to December which covered everything! We still managed to pay all the bills on time and paid all credit cards in full as usual. He is so good!

"All of us" included my husband's parents, my husband's sister and her husband, my husband, me and Sofia. Seven of us. We went from December 28, the Monday after Christmas, until January 14. Almost three glorious weeks of pure sunshine (okay, fine there were a few cloudy hours - maybe four).

It's hard for me to understand weather that is that predictable. 32 to 34ÂȘC everyday. Not a cloud in the sky. You can pretty much count on it. The crazy thing is that when we got there it's only the beginning of summer. Peak of summer is February and March. That is also hard for me to believe. But unlike everywhere else I've ever been with great weather (Philippines, Hawaii, Mexico...) it is NOT humid. My husband has always talked to me about how Chile is "dry heat" but nothing could have prepared me for what dry heat is actually like. I found out that my skin is definitely Asian and likes the humidity. I had eczema that rivaled my early teenage years. I moisturized my face with cocoa butter and it was still dry. But other than that I really didn't have any other issues (like, traveler's tummy, or other gross stomach issues that usually accompany traveling to a foreign country).

I believe that my next few posts are going to be about Chile - especially since I haven't written about it at all yet. It was such an amazing trip with family that I did not yet get to travel with and to meet a whole new set of family members that I could call my own. I need more family members! My side of the family is already huge. I have more than my share...but I'm honestly so happy to discover more and more family members. Family is SO FUN.