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Friday, December 04, 2009

Every night since Monday, after Sofia's bedtime (which seems to be 10:30 these days), I pull this thing out to...what my father calls... "slaughter some pigs." When Matt roped me into playing in the Christmas presentation at church, and I reluctantly said yes, I really, really, really knew that it was going to be a painful experience. Practicing, that is.

Violin ain't nothing like playing piano. It's one thing to not play well on the piano - you probably just can't play as fast, and maybe your touch is a bit off - but not to play well on the violin, well, you have to deal with the crappy intonation, the crappy, uncomfortable bow hold, the sore neck, and certainly not playing fast enough...and, did I mention, all of this is happening INCHES away from your left ear? Yeah...this is a slow death.

However, since I've been averaging about an hour and 45 minutes every night, I maybe improve at 2 or so grades a night. It's kinda fantastical. However, I figure I can only be as good as when I had lessons last. :-( When I was 13 I made it to grade 9. I think that is where it ends. Ugh. That was 17 years ago. SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO.

That makes me want to swear.

Anyway, I played in orchestra throughout high school. Played some weird stuff - Shostakovich is definitely a ... memory. I felt like EVERYONE was better than me. I guess that's not such a bad thing. Being the near best at something in a group is a nice feeling, but in the end you're not going to learn much.

The last time that I really touched the violin was... I can't even really remember. I must have played at some kinda church something. But I definitely haven't played since I got married. It has got to be more than five years. So, you can only imagine how terrible I must sound.

Now, it's one thing to sound terrible to myself. In my own livingroom. With only my family putting up with me and telling me, "Yes, yes, you sound better than yesterday." But in two days, I have to attend rehearsal and at least two people who will be there are professionals. Professional STRING PLAYERS.

Just shoot me.

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  1. This was hilarious.
    But I feel the pain too.
    Ha Boo!
    All at once...


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