Christmas Decorating

Friday, December 04, 2009

This year, back in August, my husband and I bought a house together with my parents. We just felt it was time to think about purchasing, and my father had - very casually - suggested the idea of buying a house together. This way we could stay in the neighbourhood that we have lived in our whole lives, and frankly, it's just too expensive to try and do anything else. And, after one night of house-hunting, we found our house and closed in less than a month. It's great that it's over now, 'cause I'm unsure I'd ever want to do that again.

Now, it's Christmas. We have never owned a home before - in fact, I've never LIVED in a house before. There are things about being in a house that I have always looked forward to. And one of those things is decorating the house for Christmas. ESPECIALLY the outside. HOWEVER... this year, was one EXPENSIVE year.

• I was in a wedding. Being the maid of honour has its costs.
• We bought a house. As mentioned.
• We had new utility accounts. Geez, why do they need security deposits. Just check our credit rating like EVERYONE ELSE!
• We bought a new car last month.
• Traveling to the hubby's home country at the end of December. And, that happens to be on another continent, in another hemisphere.

So, I had to conclude that we wouldn't be able to buy a Christmas tree this year, let alone buy any lights for outside. But, as each day goes buy, another house in the neighbourhood puts up their lights. And every day, I do get a bit more envious - and this says a lot 'cause I don't covet many things. Last night, my mother and I were out with Sofia, and we were in a neighbourhood that had a ton of lights up, and I started moaning and whining about how we don't have any decorations and we look like people who don't celebrate Christmas - which is weird considering that we are practicing Christians - but even weirder 'cause lights have nothing to do with Christianity. Anyway, my mother and I decided to split buying some decorations and went out and got some tonight.

Let me tell you - 100 dollars worth of lights DO NOT GET YOU MUCH. It decorates four measly bushes. In case you haven't guessed, that picture above IS NOT our house. Which, then, makes me think - HOLY COW PEOPLE SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON LIGHTS. Nevertheless, my desire to decorate SOMETHING is satiated and my mother and father and I are very excited about building our decoration collection. My hubby isn't so into it 'cause well, he just hates the cold which just turns him off to anything that has to do with outside. He can just go back to playing FIFA on Wii.


  1. I don't want to know what they're electricity bill is like! But I guess in a house like that, you don't think about those things!

    I'm sure you're home with look adorable with the lights you have.

    Yay Christmas lights!

  2. *their

    Doh. And I'm an English major...:P

  3. Next year around the beginning of Nov keep an eye out at Home Depot. They have an annual 50% off led lights when u trade in your old incandescent lights. You trade 1 string of incandescent lights and get a coupon for 50% off of up to 5string of lights or 2 coupons 10 strings of lights. I got 4 light strings of 100 and 2 icicle lights for dirt cheap.


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