Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Warning: Nerdy Post Ahead
I would just like to say I really love timers. Especially programmable timers. I love the automation. I love setting it and leaving it. I love being able to deal with something, walking away, and when it is time for it work, it just DOES.

The Oven Timer
Before we bought a house, we grew up with whatever stove was in the rental. In my parents' apartment, their stove is probably over 30 years old. I seriously think it pre-dates me. I THINK it has some kind of timer, but it is an analog clock and my parents have never ever used it. I don't know if it even works. Besides, not much Chinese cooking happens inside an oven anyhow.

This house that we bought, we inherited a stove that may be over 10 years old, but there is an oven timer that will turn your oven on when you want it to and turn off also. Which, for all of you house dwellers, is probably OLD news. But this was awesome for us when we had a busy weekend last weekend with the Christmas presentation and could come home to a hot Shepherd's Pie all ready for us. It's like we had a maid who prepared the food and had it all ready for us when we needed it!

The Programmable Electrical Timer
With the little splurge for Christmas decorations, a little bit of an annoying thing is that we had no timer for having the Christmas lights go on and off. Every day someone would go out and plug the lights in, and then when it was freezing cold outside, just when we were turning in to bed, we'd have to go BACK outside and unplug them. I told my parents WE HAVE TO BUY A TIMER, but then being all frugal and all, they're like, no big deal! But as the temperature has been dropping, they have been very happy that I went out and bought the thing.

I love looking outside and seeing, yes, the sweet little thing is working.

Microsoft Outlook
Since I have been on a Mac at work, this is the feature that I miss the most: "Send Later". I loved being able to write emails to the staff, reminding them of this and that, and setting it to send later. Like, later while I am on vacation. Or later, when I know that if it's sitting on top of their pile of email, they'll respond better. Or later, as a follow up email to one that I wrote JUST NOW. Stupid Microsoft put a "Send Later" button in Entourage, but it literally only sends minutes later. What is the point in that?!

Do you have some set it leave it tips? Leave 'em here!


  1. no matter how long i've been living in a house, oven timers are still amazing. they've prevented many a burnt meal and allow me to multitask knowing I don't have to rely on my self to remember when exactly it was i put that thing in the oven.

  2. I'm so excited to have an oven now!!!
    I'm going to use that timer like there's no tomorrow.

  3. we have an oven that has a timer, and a 'sabbath mode', it will turn on and off on a regular countdown. One day it decided to not work. 2 or 3 times it hadnt worked and it was always sunday and then we eventually looked it up in the manual and found that it was called sabbath mode.

  4. I like automation too! Especially render queues. Set up a nice chunk of video or motion graphics, then let it render over night! I also find Entourage to be extremely disappointing. Most recently at its complete lack of ability to create rich HTML formatted mail with hyperlinked images. It cant even forward nice HTML emails well...


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