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Monday, October 05, 2009

Matty's comment on my weird, blank blogpost inspired me to perhaps try to keep up my blog.

Just got home from visiting my in-laws – my very wonderful add-on family. I was very happy to see my sister-in-law Maria who recently had surgery for gallbladder removal. There were some concerns for complications, and when you are in the midst of the situation, you feel like those small risks for complications are 100% guaranteed outcomes. Now that we're all on the other side of it, it was great to see her completely back on her feet and since I kinda missed the whole thing (the attacks, the hospital stay and visits), it didn't seem like she had surgery at all.

It was also great to see Sofia play so well with her very first cousin. Over the last few times that they have been together, Elizabeth would chase Sofia around, trying to hug her, hold her hand, and just plain play with her – and Sofia would just keep screaming, "NO!" This time, they just ran around, copying each other: yelling, jumping off of furniture, eating Cheerios non-stop, taking off socks, Sofia wanting to go potty too, playing with cars, talking to each other in their completely non-sensical pretend languages, and laughing and laughing and laughing. It's unbelievably cool.

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  1. cant wait to see the grass growing...and your house!


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