Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After two days of straight packing boxes and moving, and two semi days of throwing things into any kind of container and moving, the Jimenez are finally out of their first apartment. I was too tired and ... I hate to admit ... stressed to even get sentimental about it. Gonz was like, "Honey, this is our last night here." I was like, "I don't care." However, after my mother and I brought the last bits over to the new house, it was a bit sad to look at the empty space and leave it behind. But I think that I will mostly miss my neighbours, honestly. The thing about living in a house, I think that it's a lot harder to find out people's names and well, A LOT less people to get to know, whereas in an apartment, when you ride the elevator at least twice a day, you are GOING to bump into someone and strike up some random conversation about, at least, the weather.

Although I am now relieved that the apartment is all moved out of, I only walk into a house that is LINED with boxes. Little towers of boxes...EVERYWHERE. As much as I tend to live cluttery, this is a bit much for me. I will definitely have to take pictures of it tomorrow so that I feel REALLY good when we've found a home for every piece of crap that we've come to own over the last few years.

It's late now, and I've gotta wake early to prepare some stuff for our big Arts+Media Training Day at work, so it's off to bed. But thought that I should at least get that much in. I haven't had much time to reflect lately and I think it's wearing me thin...

p.s. Funny. Just asked my mom, this is the third time I've ever moved in my entire life. But the funnier thing is that I've lived in the same kilometre in my entire life. Well, at least I've traveled some, so I am not a total ignoramus.