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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A major event in my life has now been taken care of: a wedding shower for my little sister and her fiancee, Matt. I have this problem of making everything into a production. I do not know how to do anything low-key although I think that I like laid back gatherings and just plain old hanging out. Well, I guess I do, but if I'm in charge of it, I have this habit of blowing the thing out of proportion. Probably why this shower has felt a little heavier than necessary. A shower: it's fun! It's an eat-fest. It's present-time! What can be so stressy about that?

Well, it came off well. Our friends Sara + Gladson Thomas graciously opened their newly renovated home for us to host the party at. We fit over 50 people there comfortably. Many people brought great food, which is important 'cause food is kinda important to Matt and Margaret. :-)

Everyone was in such great spirits and participated in a photo keepsake guest book where everyone filled out these sheets of paper with words of wisdom for the couple and topped it off with a polaroid of themselves. I wasn't sure what the response was going to be like, but I guess it doesn't hurt to bribe them with a draw for gift cards. And now, Matt and Margaret have a memory book of that evening.

Matt and Margaret have an awesome wedding party to plan stuff with. Dave and Matt (Chapman) are ridiculously creative and make us (the girls) not make stuff too serious with these traditional type events.

Okay, back to house closing preparations. Got my home insurance quotation today, have to get in touch with the lawyer my agent hooked us up with, organize the money and get our key! All in 16 days!!

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