Fruit flies, DIE

Monday, July 27, 2009

We came back from a four-day vacation and forgot to remove any uneaten fruit from our kitchen console. One forgotten plum. One forgotten plum has reaped up a bunch of fruit flies, and for the last few days we've been clapping our hands in the air and smacking our cabinets trying to kill them.

Funny thing is Sofia goes around copying us like it's some funny game.

Yesterday we went over to Gonz's parents and I forgot that Blanca has a home-made trap for them. Vinegar in a bowl, plastic wrapped, holes punched into it.

I came home and did the same. Mine didn't work. HOWEVER, I had used white vinegar.
Looks like the little buggers prefer balsamic. How fancy.

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  1. I hate them too, I need to get another electronic frying fly zapper from walmart again, It bring me much comfort.


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