Farewell Jonathan

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today, as a staff, we said farewell to Pastor Jonathan. He has been with us since 2000 and led APC in the capacity of Director of Outreach and Toronto Community Churches. He has had a big influence on my life. At 21, a mere child, I came on to the staff full time with no real boss to report to, since I really serve all the ministries at the church, he became my big brother - my protector. He saw me through many tears. Including personal ones, like when I found out a friend of mine from high school had committed suicide. He was always there to encourage and pray. Also, since I have no real formal training as a graphic designer, videographer, or anything else that I do now, he really gave me confidence and direction when I needed it.

So, I feel like his departure is also a new chapter for me: I am now an adult. I have a few things under my belt. Although I still have a lot of things to learn. Many of the early years were trial by fire for me, and I have made it because of people like him who really saw me through.


  1. this is so sad but exciting, im excited for him to embark on his new calling and at the same time it feels as if there will be a void left at apc.

  2. yeah, i know...with every pastor who leaves, there is someone new who is awesome to meet. it's hard to say, but i just have to believe it.

  3. I was just thinking of Jonathan myself yesterday. He'll certainly be missed by many including me even though I've been gone so long... He has awesome vision and a drive like noone I have ever met. Sad indeed, but you're right Kathy, God will provide someone new... someone to teach you new things... I have found that in every job I've been in. And, as we get older, we become that someone to help a younger person along. God is faithful.


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