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Friday, July 17, 2009

Because of the early closing of our new home, that meant that we were giving short notice to our rental landlords and THAT meant that we may be on the hook for an extra month of rent although we aren't occupying the apartment. That is, unless they find a renter in time - for the end of the August. (We wanted a month overlap anyway).

We had a couple of people come by in a week to see the apartment. I wasn't here the first time (back on Tuesday) 'cause I was running around prepping for the M+M shower, but Christine was here baking pies. She is the ultimate seller (all those years at Club Monaco are really coming in handy), and she basically sold the apartment to her! I think that if I was here, I definitely would have seemed too eager. :-)

So, that lady called today and told me that she was interested in moving in. She will still have to fill out application forms, get background checked or whatever they do. But if all that goes well, I will be off the hook for the extra month!

I hope it all works out.


  1. Praise God! :):):) so happy for you guys!!
    which area is your new home in?! :)

  2. I love when life clickety clicks.

  3. way to go christine. good to see your whole fam. in person again on sun night. and thanks for the tip on being able to eat that paper that wraps around those ginger candys'. very handy when i'm too lazy to peel it all off. happy moving!


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