Whoa, Easter!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I did start to write a post on March 22 to report on how awesome a visit to meet up with my high school friend and get a tour of the AGO was. But then my work-life took over again.

Easter prep is taking over my life.

See, the thing is, I work at a church, right? So, of course, I’ll be doing lots of Easter preparation. I am also a wife, right? I love to help my husband with whatever he is involved with. UNFORTUNATELY, right now, he’s heavily involved with the Easter presentation at the church that I work at. Therefore, once I stop working at my job, I am working with my husband who makes me return to my job basically. Morning ‘til night: Easter, Easter, Easter, Easter...

To be honest, I feel backed up against the wall. I care about this presentation that we’re putting on A LOT. So I want to do all that I can to make sure this thing gets pulled off right. But, I think that I’m overloaded by at least 25%. (Please do not ask how I quantified the emotional stress.)

It doesn’t need to be all that bad. I am realizing my limits - which is definitely a theme of my last year, while in maternity leave. Kathy. Just back away.


  1. Should you find yourself overwhelmed to the point of quantifying stress, please follow these six simple steps:

    Step 1: Back away slowly.
    Step 2: Make steady eye contact with the stress.
    Step 3: Extend index finger toward object of stress, simultaneously pointing thumb upwards.
    Step 4: Glare at the object of stress.
    Step 5: Softly mouth the words 'Pow! Pow!' and witness the power level of the aforementioned object of stress decreasing with each successive 'shot'.
    Step 6: Blow lightly across the tip of index finger with all the confidence of one who has just shot stress in the face.

    For more great stress-reducing tips, write to Bla Bla Bla, I Have An Overactive Imagination at PO box 3591 San Fransisco, CAndyland.com

  2. i agree you need a 50mm. low light, no flash, instant favorite portraits of all time!


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