Thursday, April 02, 2009

I love photography and I wish I was a better photographer, and I'm looking forward to when Christine's old Canon 20D comes back from repairs. We have this share-thing, where I get to have it on loan, and she'll take it to her wedding gigs as a back up in case her main one fails. When it's back, I'm going invest in a 50mm lens, which Christine tells me, I'm gonna love.

I was excited to find out that LIFE magazine has created a website with GettyImages so that you can browse all their old photos, and see their new ones. They're allowing embedding of images, printing (of some kind) and even purchasing some.


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  1. Thanks for that info. Kathy. Way back in highschool I feel in love with photography because of a Life Magazine that was being featured at Coles (are they even still around?)

    You will love the 50mm. I really enjoy mine although I want to sell my 1.8 to get the 1.4.


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